Webinar - Modelling 100: An introduction to Modelling Ranging from Slide Rules to Super Computers


Presenter: Brian Wiens

Most introductory modelling resources focus on essential aspects of computer modelling, but what happens upstream of these well-covered fundamentals? Join Brian as he examines models as simplified representations of real processes. The seminar will cover modelling basics including scale analysis, assumptions, unknowns, and how to find meaning from model outputs. Brian will walk through basic concepts and reinforce ways to understand and use models wisely.

This seminar will be interactive with several online whiteboard exercises, chat-facilitated sharing, and time for opinions and questions.

Please join us and bring your thoughts about:
1. How would you define a model in under 10 words?
2. How many model types can you think of?
3. Why do we have models?
4. Where have you seen models used effectively, and where have you seen them misused?

If you are an expert modeller, please join prepared to share your expertise. If you are a complete novice, please bring your questions.

Brian Wiens started his career working for the Alberta Forest Service during the summer while he was an undergraduate student. He has a background in meteorology and has held various roles with Environment and Climate Change Canada, including operational weather forecasting positions and air quality science. Wiens joined Canada Wildfire in 2020 as the Managing Director after spending five years as the Director of Wildland Fire at the Northern Forestry Centre (Canadian Forest Service). He now lives in southern Ontario near his grandchildren.

Hosted by Canada Wildfire

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Nov 10, 2023 9:30 am to 10:30 am