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The mission of the Idaho Prescribed Fire Council is to serve as a forum to advance the safe and effective use of prescribed fire across Idaho.


Recent Events

Idaho Prescribed Fire Council Meeting March 2024


Part 1 (view recording):

  • Introduction and Council Updates 
  • Stephen Miller - Prescribed Fire Programs and Policies in Idaho and Other States Part 1 (00:34:40)
  • Dennis Becker - How Policy Moves (or Does Not Move) in Idaho (02:02:23)

Part 2 (view recording):

  • Scott Stearns - National Weather Service: Fire Weather Services for Prescribed Fire 
  • Phin Lampman - Prescribed Fire Research Team (1:28:11)
  • Stephen Miller - Prescribed Fire Programs and Policies in Idaho and Other States (1:51:13)


What is Prescribed Fire?

The controlled application of fire to wildland fuels in either their natural or modified state under such conditions of weather, fuel moisture, soil moisture, etc., as will allow the fire to be confined to a predetermined area and at the same time produce the intensity of heat and rate of spread required to accomplish planned objectives. (As defined by the State of Idaho.)


What is a Prescribed Fire Council?

Mission of the National Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils:

To promote the appropriate use of prescribed fire for enhancing public safety, managing resources, and sustaining the environment.

Idaho PFC logo

Idaho has developed a prescribed fire council!



What can a Prescribed Fire Council do for YOUR state?

Success Stories

Please take this QUESTIONNAIRE. We want to hear about your prescribed fire-related activities. We will use this information to compile the activities that are taking place across the council to share with others.

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What do Prescribed Fire Councils do in other states?

Partnering prescribed fire councils’ efforts, which collectively represent 12 million acres of annual prescribed fire use, have created a forum to voice and address issues of national concern.

Washington PFC image

Washington: Helped in the passage of house bill 2928: Forest Resiliency Burning pilot project.
~ Public education such as


Florida: 45 years of educational outreach.
~ Support of the certified burn manager program for Florida citizens (~1,800 certified)
~ Fire as a tool is supported across all goals.

Oregon PFC image

Oregon: Impacted air quality and smoke management regulations at national and state levels. 
~ Public information campaigns.

Nebraska PFC image

Nebraska: Coordinate training events for landowners, agencies, and fire departments.
~ Support research based on questions from the council.

Idaho PFC logo

What can a Prescribed Fire Council do for Idaho?

  • Promote the safe and effective use of prescribed fire for healthy forests and rangelands, wildlife, and fire resilient communities across Idaho.
  • Connect prescribed fire practitioners so they can share knowledge and resources.
  • Inform Idaho residents about prescribed fire use and benefits.
  • Increase support and capacity for using fire as a management tool.
Idaho PFC Fireline image

Who can be involved?

Anyone who has an interest in promoting or understanding the use of prescribed fire in Idaho. Private land-owners, federal, state and private land managers, tribes, air quality regulators, policy makers, and involved citizens.