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The goal of the Fire History Analysis and Exploration System (FHAES) project is to distribute fire history analysis tools in Java that can run on any operating system supporting Java. FHAES is open source and provided without charge. FHAES is a collaborative project created by Elaine Kennedy Sutherland (Rocky Mountain Research Station, US Forest Service), Peter Brewer (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona), Don Falk (Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research, University of Arizona) and M. Elena Velásquez (Boise State University), guided by the FHAES steering committee (see About FHAES for further details).

The FHAES website is hosted by the Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES) and managed by Peter Brewer, Elaine Kennedy Sutherland and M. Elena Velásquez.

FHAES analyzes event chronologies such as those from fire-scarred trees but can also be used to analyze chronologies of other disturbance events, like avalanches, floods, freezes, or insect infestations. The system and auxiliary guides provide the means to:

  • enter and store fire history (and other event) data in FHX format
  • check and summarize the data
  • make fire charts
  • evaluate fire seasonality and fire intervals
  • perform matrix analysis to evaluate differences between sites
  • determine lagged relationships between fire and climate variables
  • map location of sites and generate shapefiles of analysis results
  • export results in CSV and Microsoft Excel XLSX format
  • perform sample size analysis


Peter Brewer
University of Arizona,
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research

Elena Velásquez
Boise State University,
Department of Mathematics