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FHAES is free and open source software. While you are free to download and use FHAES we do ask that you cite the software where ever you use it. The continued development of FHAES relies upon being able to demonstrate that it is widely used in the community. Instructions for how to cite FHAES are available in chapter 1 of the user manual.

Please download the installation package for your operating system. If your operating system is not listed, you should download the Java executable. See user manual for install assistance, especially for MacOSX. Please note that certain antivirus tools now warn users when installing software that is not widely used. Such warnings are unhelpful for specialist scientific applications such as FHAES. Packages were produced using the Install4J multi-platform installer builder.

Other Downloads - Zip archive that contains a set of sample data files.

FHAES Documentation (html / pdf) - note this is still a draft in progress.