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FHAES (Fire History Analysis and Exploration System) is a software tool to evaluate fire regime properties such as frequency, seasonality, extent, and fire/climate relationships from indicators of fire on trees. FHAES can also be used to calculate similar properties for other events that create unique signatures in a time series, like light rings from insect infestations or frost rings resulting from volcanic eruptions.

FHAES is a reimplementation of the original FHX2 program written by Dr. Henri Grissino-Mayer. FHX2 has been widely used and considered the standard for fire history analysis, but will only run on Microsoft Windows operating systems, 16 or 32 bit systems (XP or earlier), or for higher versions, using an MS-DOS emulator. FHAES, however, will run on most modern operating system with downloads available for Windows, OS X, Linux and UNIX. FHAES is built on a variety of open source libraries and the complete source code is available from the FHAES Github repository.

The development of FHAES is guided by the scientific steering committee (right). It is programmed by Peter Brewer and Elena Velásquez with support from Elaine Kennedy Sutherland and Donald Falk.

When you have used FHAES in your research please cite as you would any other academic publication. There are two distinct products that you can cite: the software itself; and the user manual. When citing the software you should include the precise version of FHAES that you have used. Depending on your citation style, a typical citation will be:

Brewer, P.W., Velásquez, M.E., Sutherland, E.K. and Falk, D.A. (201X) Fire History Analysis and Exploration System (FHAES) version X.X, [computer software], DOI:10.5281/zenodo.XXXX

You can get the version number, DOI and release date of the software you are using from the Help > About menu within FHAES. We strongly recommend you use the Help > Check for updates menu to ensure you have the most up-to-date version. The citation for the user manual should be as follows:

Sutherland, E.K., Brewer, P.W., Falk, D.A. and Velásquez, M.E. (201X) Fire History Analysis and Exploration System (FHAES) user manual [compiled XX/XX/XXXX]

FHAES Authors

Elaine Kennedy Sutherland, USDA Forest Service
Peter Brewer, University of Arizona
Donald A. Falk, University of Arizona
Elena Velásquez, Boise State University

Scientific Steering Committee

Elaine Kennedy Sutherland, USDA Forest Service
Tom Swetnam, University of Arizona
Donald A. Falk, University of Arizona
Peter Brown, Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research


We acknowledge the contributions of NOAA's Paleoclimatic Division, Boulder, Colorado in early coordination and development of this project. We mention with gratitude the contributions of the late Michael Hartman who set up NOAA's International Multiproxy Paleofire Database, and worked to integrate this project with it. We also acknowledge the important role played by Wendy Gross, who programmed FHAES' original FHChart module and set up the original FHAES website on FRAMES. Thanks also to the late Richard Holmes for his pioneering work on many of the analytical routines that have been reimplemented in FHAES. Finally we'd like to thank the students of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (especially Joshua Brogan) along with Evan Larson, Kun Tian and Omar Meqdadi for their work on the data entry and chart modules. An up-to-date list of all contributing programmers can be found in the 'About' dialog in the software.

FHAES Partners