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What is FBAT?

The Fire Behavior Assessment Team (FBAT) is a unique fire module that monitors wildfires and prescribed fires to support USFS strategic goals through information delivery during and after incidents; by supporting development of fire behavior and effects decision tools; by fostering better understanding of wildland fire dynamics across the range of fuels and weather; and through support for training, safety, education, research, and outreach programs. To achieve these goals, FBAT collects coordinated fuels, fire behavior, and fire effects information on plots, prepares summaries, and archives the data. FBAT carries out special projects on request. FBAT operates as an on-call crew ordered to fires through the Interagency Resource Ordering Capability (IROC). FBAT is guided by an advisory group and receives support from the USFS Enterprise Program, National Forest System, Fire & Aviation Management, and Research & Development and through grants.

Contact FBAT

If you are interested in learning more about FBAT or joining the team, please contact us.

Matthew Dickinson, Program Lead
USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

Carol Ewell, Assistant Lead
USDA Forest Service, Region 5

Order FBAT

Contact Matthew Dickinson

FBAT is an on-call module and is ordered as a list of name requests through IROC.