FBAT Datasets and Plot Summaries

This page provides access to Fire Behavior Assessment Team (FBAT) plot summary reports (Digital Dictionaries) and archived datasets. Digital Dictionaries present the key data collected on each plot established on wildfire incidents in a simple and organized format. Data presented includes pre/post photos, fuels and vegetation, topography, weather, fire behavior data and observations, fire effects, maps, and stills from fire behavior video (if available). Links to datasets archived on the USFS Research Data Archive are provided.

Archived Datasets

FBAT datasets in the USFS Research Data Archive can be found here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/rds/archive/catalog?freesearch=fbat

Data Sharing

Use of information available through this page is not restricted but users should acknowledge the Fire Behavior Assessment Team. Researchers interested in working with FBAT data should contact the FBAT Program Lead (see Contacts) because datasets are continually updated and vetted through use. Reports and refereed publications that provide context are available on the Reports and Publications page.