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Our vision is to provide and connect fire science educators, trainers, and the public with scientifically solid and peer-reviewed teaching tools and techniques, using state-of-the-art materials, which will be free and accessible to all. This is done to significantly enhance the learning experience.

Recent Videos and Featured Topics

How to Assess the Fire Environment to Anticipate Fire Behavior - This video outlines a step-by-step process of when and how to gather information about your situation before, enroute to, and during a wildland fire incident. [Download the Cheatsheet]

Introduction to Wildland Fuel Management - This video is an introduction on how to manage wildland fuels.

Introduction to the Photoload Sampling Technique - This video details the procedure for sampling fuel loading using the photoload technique.

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WETC Mission Statement

The mission of the Wildland Fire Education and Training Collaborative (WETC) is to develop multiple sources of media, including but not limited to books, videos and classroom exercises, for the purpose of synthesizing the knowledge in fire science and to build as structure from which to move. This will be a joint effort across academia, government institutions and NGOs. Existing media can and will be used in the larger structure and all materials will be peer-reviewed before being released as part of the framework.

Get Involved

We want you to use these videos, share them and even help us make more! For more information contact Neil Sugihara.

The World of Wildland Fire is in Association with AFE (Association for Fire Ecology).