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Job: Rangeland Management Specialist - BLM - Lewiston, MT (posted Apr 17, 2019)

This is a developmental position with a GS-11 full performance level. At the full performance level, the incumbent is responsible for performing a variety of duties including, but not limited to, the following:

GS-11 Level: Major duties include but are not limited to: Plans, manages, produces, and implements allotment evaluations for assigned allotments; provides and coordinates oversight and review of field and district office range documents for NEPA adequacy; reviews grazing permit applications to ensure compliance with appropriate federal law and regulations; processes protests and appeals, prepares casework in preparation for hearings; and provides input to interdisciplinary reports, environmental assessments resource management plans, and protective stipulations for rangeland ecosystems.

Physical Demands and Work Environment: The position involves both field and office work. Fieldwork requires gathering samples and complete monitoring activities. The individual may be required to walk or ride in vehicles over rough terrain, performing duties that require recurring bending, crouching, stooping, reaching or lifting. Work may also include lifting of moderately heavy items, such as equipment and samples. The incumbent may be subjected to hostile wildlife, chemical and physical hazards.

Deadline: Apr 22, 2019

Job: Habitat Specialist - South Dakota (posted Apr 17, 2019)

Overview: This position is part of a partnership between South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks (SDGFP) and Habitat Forever, LLC (HF). The incumbents will conduct habitat management work on public wildlife management areas. They are full-time, permanent employees of Habitat Forever and will receive daily leadership from SDGFP Field Managers. The position location will be base at the Medicine Knoll Creek GPA, South Dakota.

Duties: The incumbent will assist with all aspects of managing the assigned wildlife management area. Major responsibilities include:
• Directing, and implementing habitat management work on public wildlife areas;
• Procuring supplies and equipment;
• Participating in the construction, maintenance and repair of equipment, parking areas, and roads;
• Coordinating agricultural permits to insure positive benefits for wildlife;
• Habitat management work may include site preparation, planting, management of food plots, diverse native seedings and dense nesting cover, shrub or shelterbelt plantings. Tree removal and prescribed fire.
• Participating in scientific field studies and surveys;
• Participating in training and evaluation of seasonal employees.
• Performs other related duties as assigned.

Deadline: May 6, 2019

Job: Fire Learning Network Manager - Durham, NC (posted Apr 16, 2019)

The Fire Learning Network (FLN) Project Manager will be a member of the North America Fire Initiative team, which leads the North America Region’s Living with Fire priority strategy and administers the Promoting Ecosystem Resilience and Fire Adapted Communities Together Phase II: Collaborative Engagement, Collective Action and Co-ownership of Fire (PERFACT II) Cooperative Agreement between TNC, USDA Forest Service and the Department of Interior agencies. This agreement supports four national learning networks - the FLN, the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, the Indigenous Peoples Burning Network (IPBN), and a Coaches Network to support the Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (TREX) - as well as other training, capacity-building and targeted implementation work. These networks and strategies touch down through people and place in 30 states, including at least 26 national forests, and are led by staff from over 70 organizations.

Since 2002, our team and partners have led the way in making progress on the three interconnected goals now embodied in the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy. From coast to coast, we support site-based practitioners, scientists, traditional ecological knowledge keepers and communities who are working together to increase the capacity and social capital needed to make ecosystems and communities more resilient to wildfire. Our work creates conditions for local people to be empowered and navigate their own pathway toward a better relationship with fire, while we connect them with other people, programs, tools and ideas that they can adapt and use to tackle their challenges. We learn from their work—carrying their lessons to other people and places to advance change at larger scales. Our portfolio is implemented in partnership with staff from the Watershed Research and Training Center, the University of California Cooperative Extension, the Conservancy’s Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team and the USDA Forest Service’s Landscapes and Partnerships Program.

Deadline: Apr 22, 2019

Job: Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist - Hartington, NE (posted Apr 15, 2019)

Work in a joint capacity with Pheasants Forever, Inc. (PF), the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to promote, coordinate and implement the conservation provisions of the Federal Farm Bill and other related wildlife conservation programs. Activities will include providing technical assistance to landowners regarding rangeland and wildlife management, habitat planning, precision ag conservation, contract coordination, conservation plan modification, site assessment and reporting. Conduct and coordinate training sessions that include workshops and tours for landowners and resource professionals. Provide technical assistance related to prescribed fire to private landowners and public organizations. Meet with local chapters of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever to help coordinate habitat and rangeland management efforts and participate in statewide habitat meetings. Implement conservation programs to improve rangeland management, grassland restoration, small grains and diverse cover crop use and wildlife habitat management on private lands. Assist or coordinate activities and projects as assigned.

Deadline: Apr 24, 2019

Job: ACE Conservation Corps - AmeriCorps Member - Pacific West Sierra Region (posted Apr 15, 2019)

Position Description:  Offered as an advanced, long-term opportunity to earn significant practical and environmental conservation experience, AmeriCorps Members at ACE's Sierra Region (South Lake Tahoe, CA Headquarters) will spend approximately six months working as part of a team to carry out a variety of environmental conservation minded projects.

Field work and other duties might include but are not limited to:

  • Habitat restoration
  • Trail construction and maintenance
  • Dry and wet stone masonry
  • Reforestation
  • Forest thinning
  • Plant identification
  • Fencing 
  • Invasive species removal
  • Swamping

AmeriCorps Members will also gain leadership skills while helping to supervise, train, and generally support current and incoming ACE volunteers and Corps members, who are rotated into new and ongoing long-term projects.  All work is physically demanding, often requiring stints in the backcountry and/or extended stays in the field.   This position requires hiking, backpacking, camping and cooking outdoors while at front country and wilderness spike camps.  Members will also be expected to serve as ambassadors of ACE and citizens of their local community by attending two (2) three+ hour volunteer events with a focus on environmental stewardship.

Job: Lassen Trail Conservation Corps Project Leader - SCA - California (posted Apr 15, 2019)

Primary Responsibilities:

As a Project Leader, you will oversee the management of a five-month trail project in partnership with the Lassen National Forest of northern California.  This project will aim to address a backcountry trail system that has suffered severe damage from multiple wildfires.

The Lassen Trail Corps will undertake two trail maintenance projects on the Lassen National Forest.  Both trails have suffered major damage from multiple fires dating back to 2000.  As a result, the original trails have become overgrown, and in some places, have become unrecognizable and inaccessible to the public.

The SCA crew will work in partnership with the US Forest Service to reestablish the two trails and make them safe for users.  Work projects may include (but not limited to), scouting and establishing the correct trail alignment, building new trail, logging out downed trees, building erosion control structures, establishing switch backs, and other trail maintenance activities.

The Team will also live together, possibly camping for the duration of the season.  Field-life is rugged, members should expect to live without electricity, running water, and cell phone reception for much of the project.  Many of the crew’s work sites are only accessible by UTV, so crew members should also expect to pack light, but prepared to live and work in the elements.  Members should be willing to be a part of a community and to help out with chores and participate in activities outside of the work projects.

Job: Forester - Clarion County, PA (posted Apr 15, 2019)


Prepare forest resource inventory maps and required documents for the development of  comprehensive  management plans for game lands.

Provide recommendations for annual work plan of forest management activities including timber harvest, herbicide spray areas, deer-deterrent fencing, timber cover mapping, management plan development and other projects.

Collect, analyze, and interpret timber stand data to through the use of SILVAH to determine
silvicultural treatment.

Prepare and implement silvicultural prescriptions to achieve habitat goals in accordance with the PGC Forestry Manual and comprehensive game lands plans.

Implement specific wildlife habitat considerations and select and mark wildlife reserve trees and  cut trees on timber sale areas.

Locate, identify and delineate timber sale boundaries, haul roads, skid roads, and log landings.

Prepare documents and maps for all forest management projects as required.

Participate in tours of sale areas for prospective timber operators.
Develop, implement, coordinate and evaluate timber harvest, herbicide, prescribed fire, deer-deterrent fence, and other forestry-related activities.

Inspect timber operations as directed to valuate compliance with the timber sale contract, with environmental rules and regulations, and with all state, Federal and PGC rules and regulations.
Estimate and tally damage and impacts to forest products in support of regional OGM and ROW related activities.

Communicate  with staff to coordinate forest management  activities  with other land management  personnel.

Communicate with planning team to coordinate the development of comprehensive forest management plans and forest cover maps, and subsequently review and evaluate management plan documents for accuracy and completeness.

Obtain and maintain required training, experience, and qualifications to participate in the application of prescribed fire as a habitat management tool, or engage in the suppression of wildfires when necessary.
Prepare and submit automotive, time & activity, expense reports, supply requests, correspondence and other written material as required.

Properly maintain and upkeep automotive and field equipment.

Provide information for submission of accident and work-related injury reports.

Collect biological data for the white-tailed deer program and maintain a positive working relationship with deer processor-cooperators.

Collect census data for ruffed grouse or other wildlife species as assigned.

Observe mast production and submit fall food reports for wildlife as assigned.

Assist with law enforcement in matters of timber damage and timber theft by identifying occurrences, investigating circumstances, and estimating volume and value of material.

Maintain files for forms and records concerning all phases of timber sales and forest management planning.

Observe, monitor, and report impacts to forests from insects and disease problems. Recommend actions such as the use of pesticides in designated treatment areas to reduce damage to wildlife  habitats.

Develop and deliver public information programs.

Participate in agency and non-agency tours of game lands management areas and programs.

Conference with timber operators, agency staff, or other constituents by telephone after normal working hours.

Answer inquiries from the public concerning agency programs and/or direct them to other sources of information available.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Deadline: Apr 25, 2019
Contact Name: Holly Koppenhaver
Contact E-mail:

Job: Seasonal Forest Technician - Westmoreland County, PA (posted Apr 15, 2019)

This position is headquartered at the Keystone State Park Office in Derry, PA and will cover the western county of Pennsylvania.  You will be responsible for primarily assisting the bureau's natural resources by performing a variety of technical assignments in the areas of forest management, wildlife habitat management, invasive species management, prescribed fire, insect and disease control, forest regeneration, and recreation projects.

Deadline: Apr 24, 2019

Job: Forestry Technician - DOI - Oklahoma (posted Apr 15, 2019)

This position is located at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. This position is responsible for assisting the Fire Management Staff in wildfire response and prescribed fire management on all FWS lands in Oklahoma and North Texas.

Major duties include:

  • Serve as a skilled module/crewmember on an engine, helitack, or prescribed fire module or hand crew.
  • Perform basic fire line activities such as line construction, hose layout, operations of pumps and accessories.
  • Under the direction of a seasoned crew member may be assigned specialized assignments such as tree falling, backfire and burnout, mobile and stationary engine attacks.
  • Participate in module/crew proficiency checks and drills

Deadline: Apr 23, 2019

General: Survey of Wildfire Risk Assessment and Planning in the Northeast-Midwest U.S. (posted Apr 12, 2019)

You are invited to participate in an important regional survey to improve the understanding of wildfire risk assessment and planning in the 20 Northeast-Midwest states. The goal for this work is to improve the quality of the data that is available to calculate wildfire risk and to better support community and landscape planning work. Whether you are a land manager, local or regional planner, wildfire response or outreach professional, or an emergency manager, your experience with wildfire risk or fire needs is valuable.

This survey is a Northeast-Midwest regional project of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy, a collaborative effort to manage growing wildland fire challenges across all lands, regardless of ownership. This survey is expected to take approximately 15 minutes, and responses will be combined with those of others in the region and be reported in summary form only.

Contact Name: Katy Thostenson

Job: Seasonal Forest Technician - Moshannon State Forest (posted Apr 10, 2019)

This position assists in marking and tallying timber for the purpose of preparing timber sales laid out by a forester. Duties include conducting GPS surveys and marking boundaries of timber sales, herbicide blocks, planting projects and other regeneration fund projects; preparing maps of timber sales and regeneration fund projects for Foresters using GIS; assisting in collection of stand analysis data for the purpose of proposing silvicultural treatments on Moshannon State Forest land; participating in the collection of deer density and browsing impact data; participating in completion of landscape examinations; coordinating tree planting projects following plans developed by Foresters; participating in forest fire suppression programs; and assisting in the control of forest diseases and insects.

Deadline: Apr 20, 2019
Contact Name: Brittany Rothermel
Contact E-mail:

Job: Forester I - American Forest Management - Roseburg, OR (posted Apr 10, 2019)

Job Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Use cognitive skills to evaluate, analyze, and develop forestry data
  • Make sound decisions based on job knowledge and supporting evidence, seeking advice as needed
  • Complete the layout of timber harvest units; determine appropriate logging systems
  • Determine access, design, and layout of forest roads to facilitate timber harvests
  • Evaluate and determine road maintenance needs in support of timber haul
  • Planning, development, and implementation of the silviculture program, including reforestation, activities required to meet green-up and free-to-grow condition, crop tree release, and PCT
  • Ability to comprehend and apply the Forest Practices rules, Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) objectives, and other land management policies to assigned projects
  • Manage contractors and perform contract administration duties
  • Participation in industry meetings and cooperatives
  • Respond to forest fires
  • Other tasks as assigned

Job: Temporary Bio Sci Research Tech 1 - Oregon State University (posted Apr 10, 2019)

These positions will support ongoing field data collection associated with several research and monitoring studies in the dry forest types of southern, central and eastern Oregon. These technicians will assist graduate students and other crew leaders with tree and vegetation measurements, data recording, data management, and plot location.

Job: Temporary Bio Science Research Tech 2 - Oregon State University (posted Apr 10, 2019)

This position will serve as the Forest Vegetation and Fuels (FVF) crew leader, providing leadership to a field data collection effort on the Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon. This position is responsible for preparing and leading a field crew in the completion of data collection tasks, planning and logistics, ensuring that Oregon State University (OSU) policies and procedures are followed, facilitating field crew hiring and training, communicating with project sponsors, and managing data.

Job: Fire Captain - East Bay Regional Park District - Castro Valley, CA (posted Apr 8, 2019)

The East Bay Regional Park District is looking to hire two Fire Captains to support the Fuels Management Program.

The East Bay Regional Park District is a system of beautiful parklands and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties to the east of San Francisco. The District's Fire Department is a branch of the Public Safety Division and provides all typical emergency services, including fire suppression, hazardous materials responses, search and rescue, auto extrication, emergency medical services, prescribed burns for fire hazard reduction and resource management. The department has 14 wildland fire engines responds to approximately 1,200 calls per year. The Fire Department works closely with our neighboring agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and provides emergency response when called upon by CAL FIRE and the Office of Emergency Services.

The two Fire Captain vacancies are located at the East Bay Regional Park District Public Safety Headquarters in Castro Valley, CA. The hiring pools established as a result of this recruitment will be used to fill the current vacancies and additional vacancies that may occur during the one year life of the hiring pools. Under general direction, you will supervise staff in fire prevention and suppression activities, emergency medical response and rescue calls, and training activities. You'll oversee the operation of the fire stations and maintenance of fire department equipment, administer and implement fuels management contracts, projects and hazardous fuel reduction treatments, prescribed fires as needed, and assist in the administration of the Fire Department.

Deadline: Apr 26, 2019

Job: Grand Calumet River Restoration Crew Member - TNC - Indiana (posted Apr 5, 2019)

The Grand Calumet River Restoration Crew Member participates in restoration efforts as a member of a Grand Calumet River Restoration Action Team.  They will assist in maintaining preserve areas and riverine marshes.  Work may include controlling exotic invasive species, maintaining tools and equipment, monitoring wildlife, conducting preserve maintenance, learning how to identify native and non-native species, and preparing sites for prescribed burns.

Deadline: May 3, 2019

Job: Habitat Specialist - Kansas (posted Apr 3, 2019)

Overview: These positions are part of a partnership between Kansas Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, and Habitat Forever, LLC (HF). Under the direction of KDWPT Staff, incumbents will conduct habitat management work on cooperating private land within designated priority geographies within Kansas as part of the state’s ‘Habitat First’ program. They are full-time, permanent employees of Habitat Forever and will receive daily leadership from KDWPT staff. These positions will be located in 2 regions of the state: one at Wilson Reservoir (near Wilson), P and Dodge City.

Duties: The incumbents will assist with wildlife habitat management and manipulation throughout the respective district. Major responsibilities include:

  • Supervising, and implementing habitat management work on cooperating private landowners which will include but not limited to edge feathering, herbicide application, prescribed burning, native grass establishment, shrubby cover establishment, moist soil management and brush management with skid steer and chainsaw.
  • Procuring supplies and equipment;
  • Providing public information;
  • Participating in scientific field studies and surveys;
  • Participating in training and evaluation of seasonal employees.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Job may require odd hours and travel/time away from home.

Deadline: Apr 22, 2019

Job: Forestry Technician - Timber Sale Preparation - USFS - Multiple locations in Oregon (posted Apr 3, 2019)


  • Follow instructions issued in a timber cruise plan.
  • Conduct sample measurements of forest stands to estimate the amount of standing timber.
  • Use standard forest measurement tools such as diameter tape, tree calipers, clinometer, angle gauge, prism, compass, and increment borer.
  • Determine area of timber resources by traversing harvest unit boundaries and road locations.
  • Assess quality and determine defects in timber.
  • Complete assigned resource management support tasks within established deadlines.
  • Prepare, process, and interpret reports of timber cruise data using a computerized system.
  • Apply silvicultural prescriptions and marking guides to designate harvest timber.

Deadline: Sep 23, 2019

Job: State Uplands Forester - WA DNR - Eastern Washington (posted Apr 3, 2019)

The Northeast Region of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources is currently recruiting for four Non-Perm, State Uplands Foresters (Natural Resources Specialist 1) to join our team of Silviculture Foresters. 
Are you someone who loves the outdoors, and is passionate about natural resource forester opportunities in Washington State? If you love working in the outdoors, appreciate a remote natural environment, and have good practical field skills with a proven ability for working in a small team, then this is the job for you.
These positions will assist the Silviculture Foresters in implementing sound ecological forest management that generates revenue while improving forest health and habitat.  Position responsibilities include assisting in the layout of timber sales. This work includes, locating and marking timber sale unit boundaries, tree marking, GPS mapping, locating and delineating riparian buffers or other sensitive areas, road layout, cruising, and developing detailed summary reports. Additional silvicultural duties include conducting stand surveys, preparing and administering pre-commercial thinning, tree planting and fuels reduction contracts under the agency's forest health program. In addition, this position will assess the health of stands and recommend silvicultural prescriptions and harvest strategies.
We have opportunities available in the following locations:

  • Arcadia (Deer Park, WA)
  • North Columbia (Colville, WA)
  • South Okanogan (Omak, WA)
  • Highlands (Loomis, WA)

Deadline: Dec 31, 2019

Training: Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner Program (posted Mar 26, 2019)

SER's ecological restoration practitioner certification program encourages a high professional standard for those who are designing, implementing, overseeing, and monitoring restoration projects throughout the world.

Deadline: Apr 19, 2019

Funding: FY2019 Joint Fire Science Program Open Funding Opportunity Announcements NOW OPEN! (posted Mar 22, 2019)

The Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) has released its 2019 Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs):

The Graduate Research Innovation (GRIN) announcement FA-FOA0019-001 has one task statement. Proposals must address one or more of the following topic areas:

  • Fuels management and fire behavior
  • Emissions and air quality
  • Fire effects and post-fire recovery
  • Relative impacts of prescribed fire versus wildfire
  • Human dimensions of fire

The primary announcement FA-FOA0019-002 has two task statements:

  1. Effectiveness of fuel breaks and fuel break systems
  2. Reducing damages and losses to valued resources from wildfire

The Regional Fire Science Exchange announcement FA-FOA0019-003 has one task statement focused on leading and executing a regional fire science exchange in the following two regions:

  1. Great Plains
  2. Southern Rockies

Deadline: May 16, 2019

Job: Postdoc in Climate-Smart Planning - San Diego State University (posted Mar 17, 2019)

The Institute for Ecological Monitoring and Management at San Diego State University is seeking a postdoctoral researcher to join the Connecting Wildlands and Communities Project.

The selected candidate will be part of an interdisciplinary research team that is exploring how an integrated, ecosystem-based approach to planning for connected landscapes can support climate smart and resilient planning in southern California’s ecosystems and local communities. Specifically, this research focuses on reducing wildfire risk, enhancing water sustainability, and land and wildlife conservation to support sustainable ecosystems and local communities in southern California. This research project is funded by an award from the California Strategic Growth Council’s Climate Change Research Program.

Qualifications: A PhD is required as well as training or experience in applied conservation, connectivity planning, and/or decision support. Experience in interdisciplinary and innovative, integrated research approaches is a plus. The candidate must be fluent in R and GIS and should be able to work both independently and in a collaborative setting with project team members and stakeholders. Familiarity with southern California ecosystems is desirable.

Job Description: Start date as soon as possible with position extending approximately 1.5 years. This position will focus on the applied conservation aspects of the project. The research will involve an assessment of climate refugia, validation of a linkage network for a range of species, and integration of other biodiversity metrics into a decision support tool. The selected candidate will also be expected to work collaboratively with the other research teams on this project to evaluate the impact of changing fire and water regimes on connectivity and biodiversity. Experience in evaluating multiple benefits from wildlife conservation efforts would be beneficial, as well as knowledge of conservation and land-use planning processes and strategies.

Contact Name: Megan Jennings
Contact E-mail:

Funding: 2019 IAWF Student Scholarships (posted Mar 6, 2019)

In an effort to continue to promote the scholarly pursuits and graduate level training within the global wildland fire community, in 2019 the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) will again be awarding two graduate-level scholarships, each valued at $3,000USD to IAWF members who are Master of Science/Arts (MSc/MA) or Doctoral (PhD) students studying wildland fire or wildland fire related topics.

We encourage applications from students studying any aspect of wildland fire be it from the perspective of physical, ecological or social science to less traditional subject areas as well: we are looking through this scholarship to recognize and support any type of research relevant to the global wildland fire community.

Deadline: Apr 19, 2019

General: IFTDSS User Survey (posted Mar 5, 2019)

There are many exciting things coming to IFTDSS in 2019. The IFTDSS Development Team would like to get to know its User Community and would love to hear what you think so far. User Feedback is essential as they add new features and functionality.

Training: FireWorks Annual Master Class (posted Feb 16, 2019)

Included in this free class:

  • A trunk and curriculum containing 40 hands-on activities for teaching about wildland fire science
  • Covers physical science of combustion, fire history, succession, and fire effects on plants andanimals
  • New curriculum & streamlined materials - just released
  • Includes materials on fire use by Native Americans
  • Lessons for elementary, middle, and high school levels

When: June 20-21, 2019.

Where: Fire Sciences Lab, Missoula, MT

Contact Name: Ilana Abrahamson
Contact E-mail:

Conference: 8th International Fire Ecology & Management Congress Call for Proposals (posted Feb 6, 2019)

Proposals for special sessions, workshops and trainings, oral and poster presentations, fire circles, and attached meetings are now being accepted.

Call for Special Sessions ~ Deadline April 1, 2019
Call for Workshops, Trainings, and Courses ~ Deadline April 1, 2019
Call for Oral and Poster Presentations ~ Deadline August 1, 2019 for Oral Presentations and August 30, 2019 for Poster Presentations
Call for Fire Circles ~ Deadline August 1, 2019
Call for Attached Meetings ~ Deadline August 30, 2019

Training: National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center FY2019 Sessions (posted Jul 19, 2018)

The Prescribed Fire Training Center (PFTC) is a unique program blending maximum field prescribed burning experience with a flexible curriculum of classroom instruction on foundational topics for prescribed fire practitioners.

The PFTC is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Training locations are dispersed throughout Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Attendees will travel to several remote sites during their stay to take advantage of prescribed burning and learning opportunities with a variety of agencies, fuel types, and challenges such as urban interface.
The Southeast is an ideal site for the PFTC due to the year round burning programs of several agencies, broad prescription windows, and the high level of interagency cooperation. During their 20 day tour, individuals should expect to participate in prescribed burns conducted for a variety of objectives. The wildland urban interface is a focus of PFTC, and most participants will have opportunities to conduct burns in interface situations. This variety of field experience with the different prescriptions, planning procedures, and techniques of the various agencies offers an accelerated learning opportunity for the participants.

FY2019 20-Day Sessions:

  • January 6, 2019 to January 25, 2019
  • February 3, 2019 to February 22, 2019
  • March 10, 2019 to March 29, 2019
  • April 7, 2019 to April 26, 2019
  • June 2, 2019 to June 21, 2019

FY2019 Agency Admin Workshops:

  • October 25, 2018 to October 30, 2018
  • February 28, 2019 to March 5, 2019

Location: National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center
Address: 3250 Capital Circle S.W.; Tallahassee, Florida 32310
Contact Name: Greg Seamon, Fire Training Specialist, Tall Timbers
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: (850) 523-8631