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Job: Current and Upcoming Forest Service Job Opportunities (posted Sep 1, 2023)

Check out current and upcoming job opportunities with the USDA Forest Service.

Job: BLM Fire Jobs Portal (posted Sep 1, 2023)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Fire Jobs Portal provides information about the types of positions BLM Fire has to offer, helpful hints for applying, contact information for local BLM fire managers and links to USAJOBS for current vacancies.

Training: Rx-310 (Introduction to Fire Effects) course - University of Idaho (posted Feb 7, 2024)

University of Idaho is offering a virtual Rx-310 (Introduction to Fire Effects) course this spring ($300 registration fee). The course is self-paced in the Wildland Fire Learning Portal with live discussions on March 18th to April 12th 10 to 11:30 Pacific Time. 

Deadline: Apr 12, 2024

Training: M-410 – Facilitative Instruction - University of Idaho (posted Feb 7, 2024)

M-410 – Facilitative Instruction – Virtual – interactive self-paced lessons with live online discussions and presentations and in-person presentations that you set up in your area ($300 registration fee). LIVE Dates and times – April 4th to May 9th 4PM to 6PM Pacific Time.

Deadline: May 10, 2024

Training: S-290 (Intermediate Fire Behavior) - University of Idaho (posted Feb 7, 2024)

University of Idaho is offering a virtual S-290 (Intermediate Fire Behavior) course this spring ($300 registration fee). The course is self-paced in the Wildland Fire Learning Portal with live discussions on April 15th to 19th from 10AM to 1PM Pacific Time every day of the week.

Deadline: Apr 21, 2024

Job: Community Wildfire Resilience and Workforce Coordinator - Alaska Venture Fund - Southcentral Alaska (posted Feb 5, 2024)

The Alaska Venture Fund (AVF), a project of the New Venture Fund, seeks a motivated individual to develop a portfolio of projects at the intersection of wildfire, climate change and community sustainability. Rapid climate change is increasing the frequency, severity and overall risk of large wildfires in Alaska with major and even potentially catastrophic consequences to Alaska communities, ecosystems and global climate. The Community Wildfire Resilience and Workforce Coordinator will assist the Wildfire Resilience Program to build greater wildfire resilience in Alaska by increasing focus, research, coordination and collaboration on the growing risk of severe and catastrophic wildfire and by catalyzing significant public and private funding for pre-fire and early fire preparedness and intervention.

The first round of applications will be reviewed on February 5, 2024. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Deadline: Feb 5, 2024
Contact Name: Jeff
Contact E-mail:

Job: Prescribed Fire Unit Managers - Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - Okanogan and Yakima, WA (posted Jan 30, 2024)

The Prescribed Fire Program at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is hiring 2 permanent Prescribed Fire Unit Managers. One position leads the North Fire Team in Okanogan, WA and one position leads the South Fire Team in Yakima, WA. The managers will oversee program goals, resource allocation, and staff supervision. As subject matter experts, the managers will provide technical expertise and consultation services to department land managers regarding the use of prescribed fire to protect and manage forests and other habitats, and will develop fuels inventory and assessment using knowledge of various fuel types, fuel inventory methodology and protocol. The managers will collaborate with federal, state, local, tribal partners, forest collaboratives, and external stakeholders in coordinating prescribed fire treatments across all-land ownerships to address forest health and resilience needs.

Deadline: Mar 10, 2024
Contact Name: Fiona Edwards
Contact E-mail:

Job: Deputy Director of Policy and Management - Western Fire and Forest Resilience Collaborative - multiple location options (Millbrook, NY, Santa Barbara, CA, Berkeley, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Boulder, CO or Seattle, WA) (posted Jan 23, 2024)

The Forest Futures Lab at Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is seeking an individual with wildfire policy or management experience to serve as Deputy Director of Policy and Management for the Western Fire and Forest Resilience Collaborative. With generous support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Collaborative is working to address the western US fire crisis by bringing together scientists and decision makers to co-create and implement a long-term research program that advances the predictive science of fire ecology and forest resilience.

The Deputy Director will be responsible for developing and leading a stakeholder engagement and knowledge-transfer strategy. This strategy will successfully build a national community of practice with relevant stakeholders to understand their needs and to ensure the best science informs stewardship of western forests and fire. Stakeholders include: state and federal policy makers, state and federal agency employees, environmental advocacy groups, and boundary spanning organizations. The Deputy Director will also support the Director and lead scientists in setting the vision and strategy for the Collaborative’s administration and operations.

This position will report to the Collaborative Director Dr. Winslow Hansen and will supervise staff. Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is the world’s premier think tank on ecosystem science. It is a uniquely collaborative and welcoming institution. For additional information on the Western Fire and Forest Resilience Collaborative, visit For additional information about Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, visit

Application review will begin by February 18th, but will remain open until filled.

Deadline: Feb 18, 2024

Job: Postdoctoral Fellowship on Wildfire Risk Reduction, Forestry Infrastructure, and Community Impacts in the Pacific Northwest - USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station - Arcata, CA (posted Jan 18, 2024)

The USDA Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) invites applications for a postdoctoral research fellow to investigate impacts of the Forest Service’s 2022 Wildfire Crisis Strategy (WCS) on communities in high priority landscapes for wildfire risk reduction in the Pacific Northwest, with particular focus on Northern California. This project will examine community capacity to support implementation of the WCS, as well as livelihood and equity issues surrounding its implementation. The successful candidate will participate under the mentorship of Dr. Jeff Vance Martin and join a larger team of collaborators, with partners from the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, and Cal Poly Humboldt. This research aims to elucidate: A) how socio-economic transformations – including reductions in forestry infrastructure and changes in workforce capacity and geography – are affecting implementation of the WCS; B) whether and how rural communities are able to take advantage of new investments in wildfire risk reduction and forest restoration given shifting local economies and declines in forest management capacity over the past several decades; and C) identify community impacts of WCS roll-out, with an eye toward equity concerns and how recent wildfires have affected local capacity to engage in forest management work. Results will inform management and policy decision-making by federal, state, tribal, and community entities.

The postdoctoral researcher will conduct field research in the Northern California region, co-leading primary qualitative data collection via semi-structured interviews with organizational representatives across multiple sites in Northern California and southern Oregon, in and around the Klamath, Shasta-Trinity, and Six Rivers National Forests. They will code interview transcripts and contribute to analysis and interpretation of findings, as well as triangulation and synthesis with other data gathered by research collaborators. The postdoc will participate in close coordination with the supervisor (Dr. Martin) and other research team members. They will have the opportunity to collaborate on related projects (around post-fire recovery, community resilience, and sense of place), and to contribute to production of research products (scientific journal articles, conference presentations, and other forms of public outreach).

Deadline: Mar 1, 2024
Contact Name: Dr. Jeff Vance Martin
Contact E-mail:

Job: Program Manager - Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council (posted Jan 16, 2024)

The Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council (SBCFSC) seeks a highly qualified candidate who can lead the creation of a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) for the Lompoc Valley in Santa Barbara, CA and oversee our Defensible Space program.

Deadline: Jan 16, 2024
Contact Name: Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council
Contact E-mail:

Job: Education Program Manager - Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council (posted Jan 16, 2024)

The Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council (SBCFSC) seeks a qualified candidate who can lead a new $1.5 million Comprehensive Wildfire Education Program funded by a 5 year grant from CalFire. Current wildfire education focuses on targeting homeowners about home hardening and defensible space. However, the impacts of wildfires extend far beyond homeowners and structures. This grant seeks to expand wildfire education to a more diverse audience (kids K-12, working professionals in the landscaping, architect, and realtor fields, non-homeowners, disadvantaged communities, etc.) and expand the scope of material for wildfire mitigation, response, and recovery.

Deadline: Jan 19, 2024
Contact Name: Santa Barbara County Fire Safe Council
Contact E-mail:

Job: Job - Fire Scientist & Decision Support Analyst (EMNRD #10116282) (posted Jan 12, 2024)


$31.88 - $51.01 Hourly

$66,312 - $106,099 Annually

Posting Details


Why does the job exist?

This position exists to coordinate and administer statewide wildfire modeling and predictive services including wildfire intelligence collection and dissemination, wildfire weather and wildfire behavior forecasting and applications. The position will be the Forestry Division expert in the operation of Wildfire Decision Support System (WFDSS), National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) and will serve as a training instructor for staff and cooperators. The position will represent the State on the New Mexico Fuels Committee and will engage with external partners including the National Weather Service, Southwest Area Predictive Services, Interagency Dispatch Zones, Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of New Mexico to develop and operate models that assist in understanding wildfire behavior and the restoration practices needed for landscape resilience in the changing climate. The position will manage contracts and agreements related to data acquisition and dissemination.

How does it get done?

Coordinate research, collection, cleaning, maintenance and analysis of wildfire weather data, fire behavior data and models, and other fire intelligence data to support the Division's planning and resource allocation for wildfire response, other fire management and cross-boundary fuels reduction.
Interpret results of fire behavior models, identify weather and climate trends and issues, and create accurate and meaningful dashboards providing data visualization to communicate information to EMNRD and Forestry Division Leadership, elected officials and other key stakeholders and decision makers.
Formulate data-based, actionable strategies for wildfire resource allocation including statewide staffing, resource planning, and resource and staff positioning during periods of elevated wildfire activity.
Manage contracts and agreements, including the state contract with Intterra, including state and cooperating agency users, and tools for operations, preplanning, incident management, reporting and analytics.
Serve as the state expert in operation of the Wildfire Decision Support System (WFDSS); analyze state fires using WFDSS.
Create written fire behavior reports on a daily basis as needed during periods of elevated fire danger, discerning near- and long-term weather patterns and correlating diverse sets of information about fuel conditions and soil moisture.
Perform statistical analysis of climatology and fire occurrence in order to identify fire danger breakpoints for District and Division staff.
Support the Resource Protection Bureau and District field offices as needed to assist in fire readiness and response; assist in investigations on incidents of a significant nature.
Provide training and coaching for Forestry Division, volunteer fire departments, cooperators and partners to utilize data for planning, resource allocation, wildfire response and prescribed burning planning and implementation. 
Provide state leadership for modeling and fire science products to advance wildfire and land management in the changing climate.

Who are the customers?

Primary customers are Division staff including the Resource Protection Bureau, six Districts, other state land management agencies, forest landowners, and the public.

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have experience in the following:

*  Master's degree in ecology, meteorology, geographic information systems, or other science or 
    natural resource degree Experience developing fire weather data.
*  Developing data for and modeling strategic.
*  Tactical fire behavior and fire growth projections.
*  Qualifications through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group as a Long-Term Fire Analyst (LTAN) 
   or Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN).  
*  Excellent communication skills including writing, mapping, presentations and public speaking

Minimum Qualification

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in Business or Public Administration, Accounting, Finance, Economics, or other related field with seven (7) years of experience directly related to position at time of posting. Or related professional certification as determined by the hiring agency. Six (6)or more years of experience in advanced analytics demonstrating strong analytical skills and communication skills.

Deadline: Jan 12, 2025

Job: Seasonal Washington State DNR Wildland Firefighter Positions (posted Dec 27, 2023)

Seasonal Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Wildland Firefighter Positions are open in multiple regions.

Deadline: Apr 1, 2023

Job: Spillman Wildfire and Forest Resilience Specialist (WFMS) - Washington Dept Natural Resources - Belfair, WA (posted Dec 27, 2023)

The Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is home to Washington’s largest on-call fire department that is responsible for protecting over 13 million acres of both state and privately owned lands. Working with interagency partners, DNR embraces an all hands all lands vision. DNR’s fire program serves the communities of Washington and is a  strong advocate of wildland fire prevention, suppression, and mitigation. Spillman Fire Unit with the SPS Region of the DNR is looking for the right person for its Wildfire and Forest Resilience Specialist position. The Spillman Fire Unit covers Mason and Kitsap Counties of the SPS Region; from the shores of the Puget Sound and Hood Canal to the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. This position will support the agency’s Forest Health and Resilience Plan by supporting wildland fire suppression efforts as a qualified Engine Boss/Engine Lead during active fire season and supporting fuel mitigation projects throughout the year. In order to meet deliverables set forward by the Forest Health and Resilience plan, this position will conduct hazard risk assessments on residential properties and communities, and plan and assist with Fire Prevention projects. This position will be involved with RX burn implementation support roles.  Individuals will be expected to provide critical leadership in initial and extended attack fire suppression. Strong decision-making skills and a desire to take on responsibility are valued and encouraged. Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to the Wildland Fire Core Values of Duty, Respect, and Integrity.

Deadline: Jan 31, 2024