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General: Fire Management Board - COVID 19 Information (posted Jul 1, 2020)

On April 6, 2020, the Fire Management Board (FMB) established the Wildland Fire Medical and Public Health Advisory Team (MPHAT) to address medical and health-related issues specific to the interagency administration of mission critical wildland fire management functions under a COVID-19 modified operating posture.  The COVID-19 MPHAT is tasked with providing medical and public health expertise, advice, coordination, and collaboration with external subject matter experts and developing protocols and practices for all aspects of COVID-19 planning, prevention, and mitigation for wildland fire operations.  Guidance found on this page has been issued via FMB Memorandum. They may be updated as appropriate and necessary to respond to the evolving situations and work conditions surrounding COVID-19.

Job: Assistant Professor, Plant Ecology of Changing Ecosystems - University of California, Berkeley (posted Oct 26, 2020)

The Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) at the University of California, Berkeley invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor faculty position in the area of Plant Ecology of Changing Ecosystems with an expected start date of July 1, 2021.

Understanding how plants respond in changing ecosystems is fundamental to the health and well-being of both human and natural communities. Insights into the structure and function of vegetation in natural and managed ecosystems informs our efforts to develop sustainable and equitable ways to adapt to environmental novelty. Across the globe, terrestrial ecosystems are undergoing rapid change. Climate is a major driver that interacts with a host of other stressors including altered disturbance regimes and rapid biological migrations. Improving our knowledge of these forces and their consequences is priority for California and the world.

Deadline: Dec 22, 2020

Job: California Climate Action Corps Fellow - Americorps - multiple locations in California (posted Oct 26, 2020)

Climate Action Corps is dedicated to mobilizing climate actions designed to engage community members, empower change, and leave a lasting impact. Selected Fellows will spend 7.5 months supporting community climate action projects through CivicSpark, a program of the Local Government Commission (LGC) implemented in partnership with California Volunteers.

Fellows will be placed in teams of 2 with Host Partner organizations. Most of the placements will be in 5 target Cities and surrounding regions: Fresno, Stockton, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Redlands.

Through project-based service work, Fellows will have:

  • A chance to learn real-world climate action skills through community action projects.
  • An opportunity to serve in a local government or nonprofit committed to taking action on climate change where you will be provided access to and support for the implementation of your service projects.

Participating in Climate Action Corps will provide Fellows with an opportunity to be part of this unique inaugural cohort, a community, and statewide force of emerging leaders while also being connected to the well-established CivicSpark network of leaders and alumni. While each placement will be unique, all CivicSpark Climate Action Corps Fellows provide support through a common four-step approach designed to help Fellows make meaningful use of their time within their projects, agencies, and communities:

Gap Assessments: In order to understand their Host Partner’s needs and goals, at the start of the service term Fellows interview staff and review key documents and work with their Site Supervisor and our staff to finalize goals, and a project scope they can implement over the service year.

Service Projects: Fellows spend roughly 80% of their service year implementing a specific climate action project based on the gap assessment results such as:

  • Facilitating the expansion of an urban greening program through outreach, education, and event planning.
  • Strengthening Food waste recovery by working with waste haulers, schools, and community groups to bolster community kitchen capacity.
  • Preparing and delivering wildfire prevention programs to community groups or schools to improve home protection and awareness.

Volunteer Engagement: A major component of the Climate Action Corps program is having Fellows foster community engagement by establishing new volunteer programs or enhancing existing programs that provide meaningful ways for community members to engage on climate action.

Transitioning Expertise: To wrap up the service term Fellows share their findings, summary of work and next steps. These take the form of a transitional report, and presentations or trainings with staff and stakeholders.

Deadline: Oct 30, 2020

Job: Prairie Habitat Restoration Support - Colorado State University - Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), WA (posted Oct 26, 2020)

A Prairie Habitat Restoration Support position is available with Colorado State University and the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML), and will be located at Joint Base Lewis McChord (JBLM), Washington. This position will provide technical and field support toward habitat improvement and restoration for Taylor’s checkerspot butterfly, streaked horned lark, and Mazama pocket gopher. This position will also oversee the tracking and monitoring of seed production; site preparation, planting, and seeding; propagating/developing delivery schedules of plugs; development of restoration plans for prairie and salmon species recovery; conducting prescribed burns; providing briefing to land users; assisting in other rare and endangered species surveys; and managing restoration data.

Deadline: Nov 2, 2020
Location: Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington
Address: Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington
Contact Name: Christine Bern

Job: Archaeologist I - Yakama Nation, Dept. Natural Resources - Toppenish, WA (posted Oct 26, 2020)

The Archaeologist I provides technical support to the Archaeological staff, utilizing a basic understanding of anthropological and archaeological field techniques in connection with locating and evaluating sites. Conducts pre-field office research, field surveys, uses a variety of reference materials, and technical instruments. Searches areas of proposed projects for evidence of historic and prehistoric remnants and use areas.

Will work with the Archaeological staff to complete projects and meet deadlines. Participates in wild-land fire suppression efforts, including resource protection and emergency rehabilitation and stabilization efforts.

Deadline: Oct 29, 2020
Location: Yakama Nation
Address: 401 Fort Road, Toppenish, WA 98948

Job: Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) Research Coordinator - National Park Service - Berkeley, CA and Seattle, WA (posted Oct 26, 2020)

These positions are located in Pacific West Regional Office, Interior Regions 8, 9, 10, and 12, in the Cultural Resources Division. Current career and career conditional employees of the Department of Interior may apply.

One position is located at the Californian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at the University of California, Berkeley, CA, which is the host university for the Californian Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CA-CESU). The second position is located at the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit at the University of Washington, in Seattle, WA, which is the host university for the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW-CESU).

  • Develop and implement an integrated program of natural, social and cultural resource research that supports NPS Pacific West Region's (PWR) units;
  • Develop partnerships and secures outside sources of support from Federal, State, academic, and private organizations to conduct cooperative research efforts;
  • Serve as liaison with partner agencies;
  • Serves as a member of the national network of CESU's, provides the National Park Service with technical leadership in providing an integrated and responsive research program at the regional and service-wide levels.

Deadline: Oct 30, 2020
Contact Name: Billie Miller
Contact E-mail:

Job: Forestry Technician - US Forest Service - multiple vacancies in Oregon, Washington and Idaho (posted Oct 22, 2020)

These positions are located in the Pacific Northwest Region, Region 6 and located on a Forest Service unit. The primary purpose of these positions is to perform a variety of complex and recurring duties in support of various Natural Resource programs. The specific duties for the positions will vary based on the program of the unit.

This announcement may be used to fill positions with a seasonal work schedule where full-time work is guaranteed for 13, 18, or 20 pay periods and when not working, you will be placed in non-pay/non-duty status.

Information on specific locations where jobs are being filled and the dates when applications are due for these locations may be found on the Forest Service website.

The responsibilities listed below are at the full performance level:

  • Performs as a Certified Timber Marker.
  • Prepares, develop, and executes timber cruises and sample surveys to develop resource information and estimate quality and quantity of timber for purpose of appraisal, sales administration, management planning, and logging plans.
  • Performs wildland firefighting and prescribed fire duties as qualified and assigned.
  • Assists in the implementation of recreation operation and maintenance plans for developed and dispersed recreation sites.
  • Performs complex tasks in support of the vegetation management program and project plans. Prepares and analyzes plant samples.

Deadline: Mar 5, 2021

Job: Forester - US Forest Service - multiple locations in Alabama (posted Oct 12, 2020)

This is an open, continuous announcement. Vacancies are in the following locations:

  • Andalusia, AL
  • Brent, AL
  • Double Springs, AL
  • Heflin, AL

The responsibilities listed below are at the full performance level:

  • Develop timber plans that protect soil water retention and reestablishment of the forest growth for a timber management program.
  • Review silvicultural prescriptions to ensure compatibility with long-range timber management plans for a natural resource organization.
  • Review and appraise timber resources to meet demand and future needs.
  • Coordinate and direct the preparation of timber sale contracts and related documents for a timber management program.
  • Coordinate with other disciplines to integrate the timber management plan with other resources and approved land management plans in support of a timber management program.
  • Ensure integration of the timber management plan with other resources and activities for a timber sale program.
  • Investigate reports of improper logging activities for a timber management program.
  • Provide leadership to subordinate staff, setting goals, policies, and objectives.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to fostering and promoting an equitable, inclusive, and safe work environment.

Deadline: Nov 30, 2020

General: AFE Mentoring Futures Program (posted Sep 25, 2020)

The Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) is composed of professionals from around the world, who together play a key role in wildland fire and fire ecology research, education, management, and policy. AFE values the diversity of perspectives and range of experiences held by its members. AFE aims to actively cultivate the future of fire and resource conservation by investing in future leaders through the AFE Mentoring Futures Program.

The committee will meet in November to match participants. All are welcome to participate.

General: Personal Protective Equipment Survey for Female Firefighters in US (posted Sep 25, 2020)

This study is collecting feedback from female firefighters regarding the design, fit, and mobility of their personal protective clothing. Females firefighters in the US are invited to participate.

Contact Name: Meredith McQuerry, Florida State University
Contact E-mail:

Funding: Lake States Fire Science Consortium Intern Program 2021 Request for Proposals (posted Sep 21, 2020)

In an effort to enhance the opportunities for managers and scientists to work together, and to expose future professionals to opportunities of management and research collaborations, the LSFSC requests proposals to fund research internships that address relevant fire science and management issues associated with northern fire-dependent ecosystems of the Lake States region (See their Ecosystems page for a description of fire-dependent ecosystems that are the focus of the Lake States Fire Science Consortium). Proposals must be developed by joint manager-scientist teams (i.e. both must be listed as co-PIs and equally contribute to proposal development) and outline how the research internship will address a critical need that will help improve management of fire-dependent ecosystems locally. Preference will be given to partnerships that have not yet received funding from the program.

The LSFSC anticipates awarding several $4,000 research internship awards.  It is expected that 100% of the funds should go to support the undergraduate internship experience (preferably for salary, though a limited amount of funds may be used to purchase materials and supplies needed to complete the project - funds should not be used as a supplement or summer salary for graduate students). All proposals must be submitted by 5:00 PM Eastern / 4:00 PM Central on Monday, December 7, 2020 by email to Jack McGowan-Stinski. There will be no exceptions to this closing date and time.

Deadline: Dec 7, 2020

Job: PhD Student in Environmental Studies - University of California Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA (posted Sep 1, 2020)

Dr. Kai Zhu is recruiting 1-2 PhD student(s) starting in Fall 2021 in the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

The Zhu Lab works on research questions at the intersection of climate change, biodiversity, and ecosystem processes, using quantitative approaches such as remote sensing, species distribution models, and Bayesian statistical methods. Current research projects include (1) phenological responses to climate change and human activity in the Northern Hemisphere; (2) the biogeography of soil fungi in North America; and (3) wildfire propagation and forest regrowth in California. The Zhu Lab also collaborates with other research groups, such as the Peay Lab at Stanford University ( through a collaborative NSF grant ( More information is available at

Students are encouraged to develop their own projects, which is an essential part of their advancement as independent and creative researchers. Dr. Zhu expects students to have previous research experience and a strong background in ecology and environmental science, as well as math, statistics, and programming. However, in the Zhu Lab students will learn new methods and tools by attending classes, workshops, and working on projects, so the most important quality is the willingness to learn.

Interested students should contact Dr. Kai Zhu (kai dot zhu at ucsc dot edu) as early as possible and no later than the application deadline in December 2020 with the following information: (1) research experience, ideas, and questions; (2) motivations to pursue a PhD and long-term career goals; (3) why interested in the Environmental Studies Department at UCSC; and (4) current CV, academic transcript, and TOEFL score (if applicable).

Location: University of California, Santa Cruz
Address: University of California, Santa Cruz
Contact Name: Dr. Kai Zhu
Contact E-mail:

General: COVID-19 and Fire Season 2020: Discussion Forum at the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (posted Apr 16, 2020)

With multiple agencies/entities, groups and task forces all working to find solutions for operational concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the need for a space to share information is apparent. This forum serves as a platform to ask questions, as well as to share ideas, information, and solutions.