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General: COVID-19 and Fire Season 2020: Discussion Forum at the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center (posted Apr 16, 2020)

With multiple agencies/entities, groups and task forces all working to find solutions for operational concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, the need for a space to share information is apparent. This forum serves as a platform to ask questions, as well as to share ideas, information, and solutions.

General: NWCG Infectious Disease Guidance for Wildand Fire Incidents, Emergency Medical Committee (posted Mar 21, 2020)

Please refer to the National Wildfire Coordinating Group's website regarding infectious disease guidance for wildland fire incidents, Emergency Medical Committee.

Job: Public Affairs Specialist - USFWS Fire and Aviation - Boise, ID or Falls Church, VA (posted Jul 10, 2020)


  • Coordination with fire management and outreach programs to design a National Outreach Strategy.
  • Coordination with Service visitor services and other fire outreach staffs, conduct a national media relations campaign to profile fire management "success stories." Conceives, develops, implements and evaluates public affairs and outreach strategies designed to meet internal and external needs for information on the Service Fire Management Program.
  • Establish a public affairs program to educate the public about the Service fire management program.
  • Develop and distribute strategic briefing packages for Congress, Department, and the Office of Wildland Fire on key fire management action areas.
  • Raise visibility of the program within the Service by increasing internal communications about fire management activities.
  • Gather information and produce information materials concerning policies, programs and activities for dissemination.

Deadline: Jul 22, 2020

Job: Forester - Washington DNR - Husum, WA (posted Jul 10, 2020)

In order to achieve a variety of agency objectives, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) uses active management of timbered uplands primarily through silvicultural treatments. By promoting forest health and productivity, sustaining wildlife habitat, and maximizing revenue, this style of management plays a key role in keeping Washington's forested state trust lands vibrant and healthy. Treatments in eastern Washington are wide ranging from harvesting timber to planting trees, thinning young stands, and reducing fuels to minimize fire risk and promote sustainability of resources.  The public timber sales from these lands are designed to meet the goals of the Habitat Conservation Plan for Forested State Trust Lands and the requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). And, the volume of timber the DNR seeks to sell is guided by a Sustainable Harvest Calculation, authorized by the state Board of Natural Resources. Following harvests, the DNR continuously maintains the health and vigor of our stands by inviting bids on silviculture contracts to replant state trust forests with tree seedlings from the DNR's own Webster Forest Nursery and thin young stands for long-term health and sustainability.
In the Klickitat Region, the forests are diverse and productive, from Douglas-fir to ponderosa pine. This position provides professional level forestry expertise on DNR uplands managed for current and future citizens for the state to 1) sustain long-term ecosystem and economic viability; and 2) ensure long-term access to the forest lands and the benefits derived from them.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring both operability and feasibility of harvest units by developing a logging plan.
  • Creating silvicultural prescriptions by reviewing and analyzing similar stand prescriptions while consulting with silviculture specialists to devise a plan to successfully manage stands for long-term sustainability.
  • Producing professional documentation that complies with all state and federal regulations, as well as all necessary project permitting.
  • Recommending treatment options tailored to site conditions that ensure forest resiliency to fire and insects.
  • Conducting critical analysis and consulting with specialists for pre-commercial thinning to provide time sensitive treatments for maintaining tree growth and development.
  • Ensuring environmental, social, political and department objectives are met.
  • Creating high quality standardized GIS map products.
  • Designing silviculture contracts.
  • Collecting, processing, and analyzing data that will assist in the development of landscape management plans.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment and good working relationships with neighbors and stakeholders.
  • Providing trust beneficiaries with maximum sale valuation.

Deadline: Jul 22, 2020
Location: Husum, WA
Address: Husum, WA
Contact Name: Albert Durkee
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: (541) 490-3678

Job: Faculty Research Assistant - Oregon State University - Corvallis, OR (posted Jul 8, 2020)

The College of Forestry at Oregon State University actively develops new techniques for interpreting remotely sensed data from a variety of space-based platform, and applies those techniques to better understand forest ecosystems. Particular areas of interest include: forest structure mapping; forest carbon estimation; species distribution modeling; quantifying forest fragmentation; lidar; mapping historical fires and harvests; deforestation hotspot warning systems; and forest albedo. This position will provide a range of geographic programming services supporting the above research interests. The Faculty Research Assistant will develop automated workflows with remotely sensed imagery to track the condition and trends of forests around the world. The position involves statistical analysis, contributing to and writing manuscripts, and collaboration with a variety of partners.

Deadline: Aug 14, 2020

Job: Research Social Scientist - USFS - Wenatchee, WA or La Grande, OR (posted Jul 6, 2020)

This Research Social Scientist in the Pacific Northwest Research Station's Good, Services and Values Research Program. The Program mission is to conduct and communicate research to advance understanding of relationships among people and forest and rangeland ecosystems.


  • Conduct and communicate research to advance understanding of relationships among people and forest and rangeland ecosystems.
  • Improve knowledge of fundamental social and economic processes and their interactions with the natural environment.
  • Examine the roles of policies, programs, and other institutions in interactions between people and natural resources.
  • Describe and analyze the implications of changing demographics, socioeconomics, and technology on natural resources and their management.
  • Conduct and use integrated multidisciplinary research to support development of management approaches accounting for socioeconomic, ecological, and biophysical interaction.
  • Design a coordinated research effort that is responsive to the complexities of natural resource use and management in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Describe the capacity of dynamic landscapes to provide for evolving human wants and needs.
  • Research topics include: forest and rangeland restoration, wildland fire, community resilience, water and resource management, and collaboration and public engagement.

Deadline: Jul 14, 2020
Contact Name: Lee Cerveny
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: 206-732-7832

Job: Forestry Program Manager - Kalispel Tribe of Indians - Usk, WA (posted Jul 6, 2020)

The Program Manager is responsible for providing strategic planning and oversight for the Tribal Forestry Program with up to 6 professional and technical staff members and a minimum annual budget of $500,000 dollars.  This position is responsible for developing, directing, evaluating and managing Reservation and off-Reservation forests including NEPA compliance, Cultural clearance, Timber Sale set up, Advertisement and Execution of Contract, Pre-commercial thinning, Planting operations, fuels reduction treatments, and monitoring and evaluation activities.  The Program Manager develops and implements multi-year project plans in support of Tribal goals to provide forestry services for Tribal members and allottees.  This position requires frequent contact and interaction with multiple regional and national level managers in federal, state, county, tribal and other agencies and organizations.  This position provides recommendations to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources and Natural Resources Executive Director on negotiations and agreements with external agencies including costs, rates, deliverables, compliance issues and any other contract terms or conditions.  As a key liaison with outside agencies, the Program Manager provides technical analysis and advice to the Director of Wildlife and Terrestrial Resources, the Natural Resources Executive Director, and represents the Tribe in negotiations of complex interagency agreements, cooperative agreements, memorandums of agreements/understanding (MOA/MOU), grants, procurement contracts and various other types of contracted obligations.

Location: Usk, WA
Address: Usk, WA

Job: Fire Training Specialist - Colorado State University - Tallahassee, FL (posted Jul 1, 2020)

This position is available with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML). CEMML is a research, education and service unit within the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. The incumbent will be a member of the interagency wildland fire training team that is managed and lead by Army Installation Management Command (IMCOM) G4.

The training team supports the strategic requirements of both the Army and AFWFB to ensure that their personnel are trained to safely and effectively execute their respective wildland fire missions. The Fire Training Specialist will manage and coordinate training sessions, maintain quality assurance of personnel certifications and qualifications, and ensure operations are safe, efficient, and effective.

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 07/20/2020

Deadline: Jul 20, 2020
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Address: Tallahassee, FL
Contact Name: Bill Sprouse

Job: Fire Logistics Dispatcher - Colorado State University - Eglin Air Force Base, FL (posted Jul 1, 2020)

This position is available with the Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML). CEMML is a research, education and service unit within the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University. It will serve as a support dispatcher (logistics) for the Eglin Wildland Support Module (WSM) for the U.S. Air Force Wildland Fire Branch (AFWFB) based at Eglin AFB, FL.

The primary purpose of this position is to provide a wide range of fire dispatch, logistical and administrative support functions. The Eglin WSM is high paced program responsible for implementing an average of 150 prescribed burns and responding to 100 wildfires annually on Air Force properties throughout Florida and the southeast U.S.

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 07/20/2020

Deadline: Jul 20, 2020
Location: Eglin Air Force Base
Address: Eglin AFB, Niceville, FL
Contact Name: Bill Sprouse

Funding: NIST Disaster Resilience Research Grants (posted Jun 29, 2020)

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of the U.S. Department of Commerce and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are now calling for research proposals in support of improved disaster resilience.

Natural hazards such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and fires cause tremendous damage to communities across the U.S. every year. While these events cannot be prevented completely, their impacts can be dampened by disaster resilience measures such as policies, designs, codes and standards.

NIST and NSF plan to award a total of $3.1 million for scientific and engineering research into disaster-related phenomena that can significantly improve our nation’s defenses against natural hazards. The agencies will co-manage the Disaster Resilience Research Grants (DRRG) program and intend to make 8-12 awards of up to $400,000 each.

To apply, submit your letter of intent by Aug. 14, 2020. The deadline for full proposals is Sept. 15, 2020. NSF and NIST will host an informational webcast on Aug. 3, 2020.

Deadline: Aug 14, 2020

Job: Wildland Firefighter (Prescribed Fire/Fuels) - Colorado State University - Avon Park Air Force Range, FL (posted Jun 24, 2020)

Incumbent will be a member of the Avon Park Wildland Support Module for the U.S. Air Force Wildland Fire Branch based at Avon Park Air Force Range, FL. The Wildland Support Module is responsible for implementing prescribed burns and responding to wildfires on Air Force property throughout the area of responsibility and the southeast U.S.

To ensure full consideration, applications must be received by 11:59pm (MT) on 07/13/2020

Deadline: Jul 13, 2020
Location: Avon Park Air Force Range, Florida
Address: Avon Park Air Force Range, Avon Park, FL
Contact Name: William Sprouse

Job: AmeriCorps Forest Restoration Assistant - TNC - Maryland (posted Jun 17, 2020)

The AmeriCorps Forest Restoration Assistant will work with Conservation staff in teams to ensure the coordination, community support and implementation of preserve/forest management plans. Essential functions include:

  • Collect forest measurement data and apply basic data summary and analysis methods to report on findings, with training and direction from supervisor.
  • Assist supervisor in marking legacy trees, designating patch reserves, characterizing canopy gaps and planting seedlings for a late-successional forest management project. 
  • Identify, map, and remove invasive species at restoration sites.
  • Use GIS and mobile map apps to map monitoring and treatment sites.
  • Assist supervisor during drone missions conducted as part of restoration projects by establishing ground control points.
  • Maintain a geodatabase with spatial data and conduct basic image processing/analysis with training and direction from supervisor.
  • Work with a burn team to implement prescribed burn and participate in prescribed burning after meeting the following requirements:
  • Receive certificate and training in prescribed burns
  • Pass physical Pack-test for s130/190 certification
  • Receive CPR/First Aide Training
  • May organize volunteer events, engage local participants to treat invasive species, remove fencing, plant native plants, etc.  
  • Improve coordination among stakeholders and partners working on controlled burning, forest restoration, and invasive plant control
  • Communicate conservation efforts being implemented such as forest restoration, controlled fire, and invasive plant control to stakeholders, partners, and the general public

Deadline: Jul 14, 2020

Job: Western Forest-Climate-Wildfire Governance Network Analysis Postdoctoral Researcher - University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI (posted Jun 9, 2020)

A postdoctoral researcher is being sought to lead an effort to analyze the governance network around management of western fire-prone forests under climate change for the benefit of ecosystems and human communities. This position is part of new a multi-disciplinary working group that aims to improve scientific understanding of western forests as social-ecological systems (SES) undergoing change and develop strategies for managing forests to mitigate risk and improve ecosystem health and socio-economic well-being. The postdoctoral researcher will inventory, classify, and map, as part of a network, the key public and private actors concerned with fire-prone forests in the Rocky Mountain region. The work will involve primary data collection about actors’ goals, strategies, and interactions; quantitative descriptive and inferential network analysis; and writing scholarly manuscripts and grant proposals.

Location: University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability
Address: 440 Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Contact Name: Dr. Paige Fischer
Contact E-mail:

Job: Professor of Soil Science and Restoration Ecology - Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, CA (posted Apr 9, 2020)

Assistant/ Associate/ Full Professor of Soil Science and Restoration Ecology – Tenure-track, academic year (9 month) position within the Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences (NRES) Department at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo. Beginning date is September 10, 2020. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.

The successful candidate will teach courses that prepare students for a broad range of careers in environmental science and natural resource management. Scholarship should include the field of soil science, restoration ecology, and the interaction between social and biophysical systems at the landscape scale. Some potential areas of specialization may include restoration/conservation/landscape ecology, soil remediation, and land management that connect terrestrial and hydrological systems with social systems. Research experience related to conservation and planning of natural areas, managed landscapes, and protected areas at landscape scales and geospatial analysis skills that connects biophysical and social datasets are preferred. Given the interdisciplinary nature of this position, the successful candidate will collaborate with other Colleges/Departments at the university.

Cal Poly has a tradition of excellence in teaching and our motto is “Learn by Doing.” Strong interests in laboratory/field-based undergraduate teaching along with excellent written and oral communication skills as reflected by a peer-reviewed publication record that is commensurate with time/experience in career are required. The successful candidate will teach environmental management, soil science, and ecology courses in the NRES Department. Demonstrated experience collaborating with natural resource agencies and the ability to connect students with applied restoration efforts is highly desired. The successful candidate will also mentor undergraduate and graduate research projects, provide general academic and student club advising, participate in Future Farmers of America (FFA) land judging state finals held on campus annually, teach graduate level courses and nurture overall student development with a focus in restoration ecology.

Courses taught will depend on student demand. The successful candidate will have expertise to teach the following courses: Introductory Soil Science (SS 120), Introduction to Environmental Management (NR142), Introduction to Earth Systems (ERSC 144), and Natural Resource Ecology and Habitat Management (NR 306), in addition to developing new course(s) in restoration ecology, as well as landscape and/or conservation ecology. Additional expertise to teach the following courses is desirable: Fire Ecology (NR307), Wetlands (NR/SS 421), Soil Ecology (SS 422), Soil Morphology (SS 321), and Ecosystem Management (NR465). These courses are taken by NRES majors as well as by students from many of the departments within the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences.

Advertised: December 16, 2019 (9:00 AM) Pacific Standard Time
Applications close: Open Until Filled

Location: California Polytechnic State University
Address: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California 93407
Contact Name: Dr. Priya Verma
Contact E-mail:

Job: Assistant or Associate Professor in Indigenous Natural Sciences - University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC (posted Apr 9, 2020)

The Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia (UBC), invites applications for a tenure-track academic position in Indigenous Natural Sciences at the Assistant or Associate Professor level, to commence on July 1, 2021 or when a suitable candidate is found. The UBC Vancouver campus is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the xwmǝθkwǝýǝm (Musqueam).

Depending on the background of the successful candidate, this position will be housed in either the Department of Forest Resources Management, the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, the Department of Wood Science, or jointly between two of these.

Questions should be directed to Professor John Innes, Dean of Forestry at or Professor Chris Gaston, Chair of Search Committee at

Deadline: Sep 1, 2020
Location: UBC Faculty of Forestry
Address: 2424 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4