We hope to have an initial testing release available mid-Decemeber 2023


The FFI-DataDepot is an online data repository for fire effects monitoring data collected using the FEAT/FIREMON Integrated (FFI) software application. FFI is an interagency desktop application that provides managers with a tool to collect and manage fire effects monitoring plot data in a broad range of ecosystems at the project to landscape scale using standard and custom protocols.

The FFI-DataDepot supports fire ecologists/planners/managers, researchers, and others who assess fuels treatment objectives, treatment effectiveness, changes in fuel loads, and changes to vegetation structure and composition. It stores plot-scale data collected with all the FFI protocols, including understory vegetation, trees, and fuels. Reports include data summarized by plot or stratified by user-defined variables. Currently, data are limited to those collected by the NPS Fire Ecology program but will be expanded in the future.

Users must access the FFI-DataDepot through IFTDSS and available to anyone with a .gov email address. See the Help tab for more information about getting access trough IFTDSS.

Beginning in mid-December, a version of the DataDepot with limited functionality will be available for testing. No user support is available other than what is offered on the FAQ and Help pages. We will continue to make changes to the DataDepot and will try to keep the Help documents up to date. We welcome any feedback you have and look forward to making user suggested improvements. Contact information is available on the Contact Us tab.