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Oct 23 - 27 2023 AKDT



Alison York


Dena'ina Center (Tikahtnu Ballroom E)
600 W. Seventh Avenue, Anchorage

The Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group will convene the interagency Fall Fire Review the week of October 23, at the Dena'ina Center (Tikahtnu Ballroom E) in Anchorage. Plenary sessions will be Oct 24-26 with side meetings on Oct 23 and 27. AFSC will coordinate fire science contributions to the meeting on Wed, Oct 25 (fire weather in the morning and fuels management in the afternoon). An updated agenda is now available, including a link for virtual participation. AFSC will record science content. The plenary sessions are open, and no registration is needed. This meeting has been approved for CFE credit from the Society of American Foresters. Email Alison to request credit.


Predictive Services 2023 Season Review- Heidi Strader

EPSCOR: Evaluation of 2023 Seasonal Forecast - Cece Borries-Strigle

National Weather Service IMETs - Ben Bartos

Governor’s Carbon Initiative - Rena Miller

Exploring carbon and fire management options in a changing fire environment & discussion - Lisa Saperstein 

The Science Application for Risk Reduction (SAFFR) Update - Nick Link

Prevention and Mitigation projects in Yukon - Jennifer Sharp and Zoe Westerby 

Fuels Exposure Mapping - Jen Schmidt

Fuels / Rx Challenges and Successes - Darren Finley and Casey Boespflug 

Fire Research Development & Applications Committee Report - Jennifer Barnes

Fire Modeling and Analysis Committee Report - Brian Sorbel (first three minutes of presentation are N/A, powerpoint is available here)

Wildfire Education and Prevention Committee Report - Beth Ipsen