POSTPONED: Webinar - BurnP3+: A New Multi-Model Burn Probability Simulator Based on Burn-P3


The webinar has been postponed until the fire situation in Canada stabilizes. If you have any immediate BurnP3+ questions, please get in touch with Chris Stockdale at or for questions about the Canada Wildfire Webinar Series, contact

Presenter: Chris Stockdale
Host: Canada Wildfire

Join Chris to learn basic concepts of burn probability modelling, see a demonstration of the BurnP3+ software using a case study landscape, learn the differences between BurnP3+ and the original version, and learn the information you need to get started using the software!  

Chris Stockdale is a Wildfire Research and Extension Scientist for the Canadian Forest Service at the Northern Forestry Centre in Edmonton Alberta. He received a BSc (Honours) in Biology from the University of Victoria in 1998, a MSc in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University in 2001, and his PhD in Forest Biology and Management from the University of Alberta in 2016. His research has covered stand dynamics following mountain pine beetle attack, interactions between mountain pine beetle and fire, historical fire regimes, ecological change, and for the past 10 years has focused primarily on wildfire risk modelling.

Contact Name: Chris Stockdale


May 26, 2023 7:30 am



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