Oregon Post-Fire Research and Monitoring Symposium


The Governor's Post-fire Research and Monitoring Team is organizing an Oregon Post-fire Research and Monitoring Symposium. Presenters will share what they are learning - or hope to learn - from recent westside wildfires in Oregon. The symposium will provide practitioners and policy-makers an opportunity to discuss how new discoveries can inform future decisions, and aims to promote collaboration between institutions and agencies involved in post-fire research and monitoring. The intended outcome of the symposium is a a shared understanding of on-going research and monitoring, which can be used to identify opportunities for collaboration, gaps in knowledge, and new approaches to management.

The target audience of the symposium is natural resource professionals, science providers, policy makers, and others interested in this topic.

If you are conducting post-fire research/monitoring work related to the Oregon 2020 wildfire season (or subsequent seasons), or you want to learn more from those who are, please join us in person or virtually in February!

Location: LaSells Stewart Center (or virtual)
Address: 875 SW 26th St, Corvallis, OR 97331 (get directions)

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Feb 7, 2023 (All day) to Feb 9, 2023 (All day)



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