LANDFIRE Office Hour


Featured user: Lee Davis, Ecologist, Nevada Division of Wildlife

Topic: Mapping, describing locations & conditions of key habitats, vegetation assemblages in NV for 2022 State Wildlife Action Plan*

  • What are LANDFIRE Office Hours? 45-min, once monthly sessions where LF users can connect directly with LF experts
  • Why attend? The bulk of the time is dedicated to solving LANDFIRE-related problems. LF data and products can be confusing - this opportunity exists to fast track your work and provide support
  • When do they occur? The last Wednesday of the month at 1 pm (ET)
  • Is there an agenda? A loose one - during the first 10 minutes we will hear from a LANDFIRE "Featured User" that will describe the LF products they are using and discuss issues they are having. This sharing introduces the "problem-solving" part of the office hour where LF experts will chime in with suggestions/ideas and communicate the best ways to leverage LF data for their work.
  • Are they recorded? Yes, however attending the live sessions give you direct access to our LANDFIRE Experts | Watch the recordings here

*Lee will discuss his work for the first 10 min, then we'll open it up for questions, comments from the group

Contact Name: Megan Dettenmaier
Contact E-mail: meg.dettenmaier@TNC.ORG


Mar 30, 2022 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm