Webinar - California Fire Science Seminar


As the next stage of the California Fire Science Seminar, they are hosting a career development panel and discussion targeted towards graduate and early career scientists. All are welcome to attend but we’re especially hoping to provide a virtual space for students and early career professionals to learn and explore the different career paths in fire science.

The hope is to highlight the numerous paths towards becoming a professional in a fire-science-related field, including experiences of coming into fire science from different backgrounds and exploring diverse options of what you can do after graduation. They also hope to provide exposure to programs, fellowships and other resources that may help in the recruitment and retention of the next generation of fire scientists.


The first hour will host 4 panelists from very diverse fields as they share their stories and experiences.

The second hour will be a more informal session, using breakout rooms with additional professionals to answer questions. The intention is to try and create a virtual space that allows for smaller group discussions and a ‘meet and great’ type of atmosphere, something similar to a career fair or conference workforce development lunch, where early career professionals and students can ask questions and connect with experts across multiple career stages and degrees.  A combination of preset questions and audience solicited questions will be utilized.

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Sep 21, 2021 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm



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