Crown fires
Document Type: Conference Paper
Author(s): Miguel G. Cruz; Martin E. Alexander
Publication Year: 2010

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  • CFIS - Crown Fire Initiation and Spread System
  • crown fire initiation
  • crown fire potential
  • crown fire propagation
  • fuel treatment effectiveness
  • rate of spread
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Abstract: This document contains the slides for the crown fire portion of the fire behaviour short course presentation, outlined as follows: I. Introduction to Crown Fires; II. Understanding of Crown Fire Behavior From Experimental Fire and Wildfire Observations; III. Crown Fire Initiation; IV. Crown Fire Propagation and Rate of Spread; V. The Use of Models for Assessing Fuel Treatment Effectiveness in Reducing Crown Fire Potential; V. Future Outlook on the Understanding and Prediction of Crown Fire Behavior.

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Cruz, M.G.; Alexander, M.E. 2010. Crown fires. Pages 30-46 in VI Short Course on Fire Behaviour, 13-14 November 2010, Coimbra, Portugal. Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics, Forest Fire Research Centre, Coimbra, Portugal.

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