Erratum: crown fire behaviour in a northern jack pine-black spruce forest (erratum 2)
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Brian J. Stocks; Martin E. Alexander; B. Michael Wotton; C. N. Stefner; Michael D. Flannigan; Stephen W. Taylor; Nathalie Lavoie; J. A. Mason; G. R. Hartley; M. E. Maffey; George N. Dalrymple; T. W. Blake; Miguel G. Cruz; Rick A. Lanoville
Publication Year: 2011

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  • black spruce
  • Canada
  • CFIS - Crown Fire Initiation and Spread System
  • crown fire
  • ICFME - International Crown Fire Modeling Experiment
  • jack pine
  • Northwest Territories
  • Picea mariana
  • Pinus banksiana
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Four of the vertical fuel profiles presented in Fig. 3a on page 1552 of this paper were inadvertently mislabelled (i.e., Plot 5 is Plot 8, Plot 6 is Plot 5, Plot 7 is Plot 6, and Plot 8 is Plot 7). Thus, Fig. 3a and its associated caption should have appeared as below. The authors thank K.R. Anderson of the Canadian Forest Service for bringing this discrepancy to our attention.

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B.J. Stocks, M.E. Alexander, B.M. Wotton, C.N. Stefner, M.D. Flannigan, S.W. Taylor, N. Lavoie, J.A. Mason, G.R. Hartley, M.E. Maffey, G.N. Dalrymple, T.W. Blake, M.G. Cruz, and R.A. Lanoville. 2011. Erratum: Crown fire behaviour in a northern jack pine - black spruce forest. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41(1):215.