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  • Carl E. Fiedler
    University of Montana, College of Forestry and Conservation
  • Limei Piao
  • Stephen Robertson
  • Mike Sweet
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  • University of Montana, College of Forestry and Conservation

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  • FCCS - Fuel Characteristic Classification System
  • FFE-FVS - Fire and Fuels Extension to the Forest Vegetation Simulator
  • fire potential
  • stand inventory
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ANNOTATION: WEBOFIRE links stand inventory data and visualizations with the Fire and Fuels Extension (FFE; and the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS; to estimate fire and fuel potentials. WEBOFIRE provides the user with estimates of fire hazard associated with existing forest conditions in terms of fire behavior potential, crown fire potential, and available fuel potential; estimates of the effectiveness of the selected treatment alternative in reducing hazard; estimates of net revenue associated with the selected treatment alternative. DATA REQUIREMENTS: Three options: 1) select stand by visualization, 2) Enter stand inventory data (Species, trees per acre by diameter class, height, and crown ratio), 3) Upload existing stand data (XML file).

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