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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Jianbang Gan; C. T. Smith
Publication Date: 2007

ANNOTATION: This study evaluated the co-benefits associated with the utilization of logging residues for electricity production in East Texas, USA. The benefits evaluated included the value of CO2 emissions displaced due to substituting logging residues for coal in power generation, reductions in site preparation costs during forest regeneration, and creation of jobs and income in local communities. Based on the 2004 Forest Inventory Analysis data and a 70% biomass recovery rate, annual recoverable logging residues in East Texas were estimated at 1.3 Mt (dry). These residues, if used for electricity production, would displace about 2.44Mt of CO2, Removing logging residues would also save $200-250 ha in site preparation costs. Input-output modeling revealed that logging residue procurement results in about 1340 new jobs created and 215M$ in value-added generated annually. These results offer new insights into the cost competitiveness of forest biomass and bioenergy production.

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Citation: Gan, Jianbang; Smith, C.T. 2007. Co-benefits of utilizing logging residues for bioenergy production: the case for east Texas, USA. Biomass and Bioenergy 31(9):623-630.

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