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Type: Video
Publication Date: 2024

Smoke is a risk faced by wildland firefighters and personnel with both short and long-term health impacts. Safety Officers, Logistics Section Chiefs, Medical Unit Leaders and Air Resource Advisors can work individually and together as part of the Incident Management Team to reduce the health and safety risks associated with smoke exposure and impaired visibility on roadways. With proper planning and collaboration, smoke exposure can be reduced and mitigated. A foundational video, Smoke-Knowing the Risk should be viewed prior to this video. This video will support Incident Commanders and Agency Administrators with needed knowledge on responsibilities and efforts to improve the health and safety of their wildland fire personnel.

This Performance Support Module provides information on:

  • How to recognize and avoid smoke risks to personnel health and safety.
  • Safety, Logistics, Medical and Air Resource Advisor tools and roles in addressing smoke exposure risks to personnel.
  • Understand IMT positions that can play a role in mitigating personnel smoke exposure and safety risks.
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