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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Xiao Guo; Yichao Cao; Tongxin Hu
Publication Date: 2024

Massive wildfires have become more frequent, seriously threatening the Earth’s ecosystems and human societies. Recognizing smoke from forest fires is critical to extinguishing them at an early stage. However, edge devices have low computational accuracy and suboptimal real-time performance. This limits model inference and deployment. In this paper, we establish a forest smoke database and propose a model for efficient and lightweight forest smoke detection based on YOLOv8. Firstly, to improve the feature fusion capability in forest smoke detection, we fuse a simple yet efficient weighted feature fusion network into the neck of YOLOv8. This also greatly optimizes the number of parameters and computational load of the model. Then, the simple and parametric-free attention mechanism (SimAM) is introduced to address the problem of forest smoke dataset images that may contain complex background and environmental disturbances. The detection accuracy of the model is improved, and no additional parameters are introduced. Finally, we introduce focal modulation to increase the attention to the hard-to-detect smoke and improve the running speed of the model. The experimental results show that the mean average precision of the improved model is 90.1%, which is 3% higher than the original model. The number of parameters and the computational complexity of the model are 7.79 MB and 25.6 GFLOPs (giga floating-point operations per second), respectively, which are 30.07% and 10.49% less than those of the unimproved YOLOv8s. This model is significantly better than other mainstream models in the self-built forest smoke detection dataset, and it also has great potential in practical application scenarios.

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Citation: Guo, Xiao; Cao, Yichao; Hu, Tongxin. 2024. An efficient and lightweight detection model for forest smoke recognition. Forests 15(1):210.

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  • BiFPN - bidirectional feature pyramid network
  • China
  • lightweight model
  • SimAmazonia
  • smoke detection
  • YOLOv8
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