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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Shahab Mohammad Beyki; Aldina Santiago; Luís Laím; Hélder D. Craveiro
Publication Date: 2023

Wildfires have become a common incident over the past decades, and they have been threatening people’s lives and assets. In the communities close to wildlands or wildland-urban interfaces (WUI), these threats become increasingly serious, and in case of wildfires, people are advised or often have to evacuate the area to save their lives. In order to have a safe and effective evacuation, data on people’s behavior and decisions during wildfires, evacuation modeling, and traffic simulations are required. This paper reviews past and recent research on evacuation, human behavior in wildfires, evacuation modeling, and traffic simulation. Similar research on evacuation in other situations is also reviewed, and the applicability of the models and simulations on wildfires is discussed. Different stages for an evacuation modeling design are assessed, and the gaps and challenges in obtaining an effective evacuation model are presented.

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Citation: Beyki, Shahab Mohammad; Santiago, Aldina; Laím, Luís; Craveiro, Hélder D. 2023. Evacuation simulation under threat of wildfire - an overview of research, development, and knowledge gaps. Applied Sciences 13(17):9587.

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  • evacuation modeling
  • traffic simulation
  • wildfires
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