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Type: Webinar
  • Kristine L. Pilgrim
    US Forest Service
Host Agency:
  • US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
Publication Date: February 8, 2023

Kristy Pilgrim is a Researcher for the Wildlife and Terrestrial Ecosystems program at Rocky Mountain Research Station, and Laboratory Supervisor for the National Genomics Center for Wildlife and Fish Conservation. She presents interesting case studies of DNA species identification, DNA individual and sex identification, Population assignment, Forensic Cases (e.g. poaching, sample matching), Cryptic Species, DNA Metabarcoding for diet analysis, and more. Kristy also talks about how she works with the National Forest System and other agencies to help with land management questions and sampling.
The National Genomics Center is the leader in environmental DNA sampling (eDNA) for aquatic species and terrestrial species (snow tracks).

Recording Length: 0:58:39
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  • cougar
  • DNA analysis
  • recolonization
  • wildlife habitat
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