Electronics, close-range sensors and artificial intelligence in forestry
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Stelian Alexandru Borz; Andrea Rosario Proto; Robert F. Keefe; Mihai Daniel Niţă
Publication Year: 2022

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  • AI - artificial intelligence
  • fire detection
  • forest management
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The use of electronics, close-range sensing and artificial intelligence has changed the management paradigm in many of the current industries in which big data analytics by automated processes has become the backbone of decision making and improvement. Acknowledging the integration of electronics, devices, sensors and intelligent algorithms in much of the equipment used in forest operations, as well as their use in various forestry-related applications, we are still seeing that many disciplines within forestry and forest science still rely on data collected traditionally, which is resource-intensive. In turn, this brings limitations in characterizing the specific behaviors of the forest product systems and wood supply chains, and often prevents the development of solutions for improvement or inferring the laws behind the operation and management of such systems.

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Borz, Stelian Alexandru; Proto, Andrea Rosario; Keefe, Robert F.; Niţă, Mihai Daniel. 2022. Electronics, close-range sensors and artificial intelligence in forestry. Forests 13(10):1669.