FireWorks for the Northern California Oak Woodlands - M.1.7: How Oak Woodlands Respond to Wildfires: A Drama
Course Type: FireWorks activities
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Author(s): FireWorks Educational Program
Date Created: October 5, 2021

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Lesson Overview: Students will use the information gathered through their previous lessons, plus additional research they conduct to construct a story of a fire in an oak woodland and describes the impacts on five species.

Lesson Goal: To give students the opportunity to synthesize their learning about fire ecology in Northern California oak woodlands.


  • Students can obtain and evaluate resources on plant’s, animal’s, and fungi’s reactions to wildfires.
  • Students can communicate what causes certain reactions in a wildfire and what effects those have for plants and animals in an ecosystem.
  • Students can communicate changes that happen in an ecosystem after a wildfire and how those changes impact the ecology of an ecosystem.