Fire Analysis in Alaska: A Quick Reference
Document Type: Guide / Handbook / Manual / Protocol
Author(s): Robert Ziel; Chris Moore
Publication Year: 2021

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  • burn probability
  • fire analysis
  • fire management plan
  • fire modeling
  • fuel types
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Record Last Modified: July 21, 2021
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Alaska is faced with a unique fire management problem that has been handled in an interagency way for more than 30 years. The evolution of fire management has led to a different approach in interagency cooperation; weather data management; fire behavior and fire danger implementation; GIS management; and overall fire suppression strategies. This guide is intended to provide standardized inputs for initial analysis; these are not hard and fast rules to be strictly followed throughout an incident.

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Moore, Chris; Ziel, Robert. 2021. Fire Analysis in Alaska: A Quick Reference. Unpublished report. Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group. 47 p.