The dry cold front vs the inversion: a case study in the numerous complications of mixing out an inversion - Central Complex August 2004
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Author(s): Julia E. Ruthford
Publication Year: 2019

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  • cold front
  • fire behavior
  • inversion
  • RAWS station
  • smoke
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The Dry Cold Front vs the Inversion: A Case Study in the Numerous Complications of Mixing out an Inversion. Central Complex Aug 21-24, 2004. Presentation for the 2005 IMET Workshop in Boise, ID.

This one is less a critical fire weather pattern case study and more about the challenges of mixing out an inversion late in the very smoky 2004 Alaska fire season with a discussion regarding a number of the subtler synoptic weather features and terrain local effects and how they interacted with lots and lots of dense smoke from the Central Complex, all the other fires across AK and a burnout. The vertical wind profile in Central was very useful in diagnosing what was happening with the winds at all altitudes.

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