Project Lead(s):
  • US Department of the Interior
  • US Forest Service
Support Contact(s):
  • LANDFIRE Helpdesk (
Partner Agency:
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • US Geological Survey, National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)
  • US Geological Survey, Gap Analysis Project
  • US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station
  • US Forest Service, Forest Inventory and Analysis National Program

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ANNOTATION: LANDFIRE is an ongoing research project and database that contains geospatial data products that describe existing vegetation composition and structure, potential vegetation, surface and canopy fuel characteristics, historical fire regimes, and fire regime condition class. LANDFIRE provides fire and land managers with the information required to identify lands with wildland fuel build-up and facilitate the prioritization, implementation, reporting, and monitoring of landscape fuel treatments. These data may be used during specific wildland fire incidents to increase firefighter safety, pre-position resources, and evaluate fire behavior under a variety of weather conditions. SUMMARY: LANDFIRE is a 5-year, multi-partner wildland fire, ecosystem, and fuel mapping project. This project will generate consistent, comprehensive, landscape-scale maps and data describing vegetation, fire, and fuel characteristics across the United States. These maps are produced at scales fine enough to assist in prioritizing and planning specific hazardous fuel reduction and ecosystem restoration projects. The consistency of LANDFIRE methods ensures that data will be nationally relevant, while the 30-meter grid resolution assures that data can be locally applicable. LANDFIRE meets agency and partner needs for data to support landscape fire management planning, prioritization of fuel treatments, collaboration, community and firefighter protection, and effective resource allocation.

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