Factors limiting moose population growth in subunit 20E
Document Type: Report
Author(s): William C. Gasaway; Rodney D. Boertje; Daniel V. Grangaard; David G. Kelleyhouse; Robert O. Stephenson; Douglas G. Larsen
Publication Year: 1990

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  • conservation
  • grizzly bears
  • limiting factors
  • management
  • moose
  • mortality
  • population dynamics
  • predation
  • wolves
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(Partial) We help resolve 3 major problems facing wildlife managers and wildlife users of northern ecosystems: 1) defining what factors limit moose (Alces alces) at low densities in lightly exploited systems, 2) achieving consensus on potential moose harvest yields, and 3) developing conservation plants that reduce the controversy over intensive management of moose, wolves (Canis lupis), and bears (Ursus arctos and U. americanus). We assessed the role that nutrition, snow/nutrition, harvest, disease, and predation played in limiting moose densities in a 9,700-km2 area in east-central Alaska during 1948-88. Our intensive study occurred during 1981-88, and we reviewed and reanalyzed historical data. We also present published and unpublished loose, wolf, and bear inventory data and moose Harvest data from 35 other areas, and we present conclusions on factors limiting moose density and moose harvest in Alaska and Yukon.

Gasaway, William C.; Boertje, Rodney D.; Grangaard, Daniel V.; Kelleyhouse, David G.; Stephenson, Robert O.; Larsen, Douglas G. 1990. Factors limiting moose population growth in subunit 20E. Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration, Research Final Report. Study 1.37. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation. 106 pp.