Unplanned wildfire in areas with slash piles
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Alexander M. Evans; Clinton S. Wright
Publication Year: 2017

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  • fuel breaks
  • fuel treatments
  • literature review
  • pile burn
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Each year, fuel treatments reduce the likelihood of uncharacteristically severe wildland fire in overstocked stands across millions of acres in the United States. Typically, these treatments target small-diameter trees for removal, producing large amounts of unmerchantable material and increasing surface fuels. Currently, few commercial markets for this woody material exist, so it is commonly piled and burned onsite. Occasionally, unplanned wildfires burn piles before managers are able to burn them under controlled conditions. Little has been written or documented about piles burned during wildfires, making it difficult to assess the threat posed by unburned piles.

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Evans, Alexander M.; Wright, Clinton S. 2017. Unplanned wildfire in areas with slash piles. Fire Management Today 75(2):25-29.