Spatial modeling of post-frontal fire behavior
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Mark A. Finney
Publication Year: 1999

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  • FARSITE - Fire Area Simulator
  • heat production
  • smoke emissions
  • wildfire
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A simulation model was developed to calculate smoke and heat production from fires growing in two dimensions. The work required modifications of the FARSITE model (Finney 1998) to incorporate spatially the combustion history for each vertex on the fire perimeter. This combustion history was simulated locally at each vertex using the Burnup model (Albini and Reinhardt 1997). It was then applied along the vertex trajectory and integrated repeatedly over the area represented by that line for successive timesteps until all combustion activity ceased. Simulations produce the heat and weight-loss for the area represented by each vertex (and for each fire) as the simulation progresses. The simulation of post-frontal products depends on having accurate fuel moistures.

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Finney, Mark A. 1999. Spatial modeling of post-frontal fire behavior. Final Report RMRS-99557-RJVA. Systems for Environmental Management. Missoula, MT. 8 p.

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