Fire science between the covers
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Author(s): Vanessa Greebe
Publication Year: 2018

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CFFDRS - Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System; FBP - CFFDRS Fire Behavior Prediction System
Alaska; Eastern; International
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With all of the tools, supplies and gear that fire managers need, the last thing you would expect them to take to a wildfire is a book. But Steve Taylor’s little red book, Field Guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System, has been part of fire manager and fire crew leaders’ toolkits for over 20 years. Taylor and retired fire researcher Marty Alexander, have blended the complex series of mathematical equations that make up the system with their own knowledge and experience in the 120 page guide.

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Greebe, Vanessa. 2018. Fire science between the covers. Natural Resources Canada, Simply Science, July 11, 2018.