Tables for the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System
Document Type: Report
Author(s): Canadian Forestry Service
Publication Year: 1984

Cataloging Information

  • BUI - CFFDRS Buildup Index
  • Canada
  • DC - CFFDRS Drought Code
  • DMC - CFFDRS Duff Moisture Code
  • FFMC - CFFDRS Fine Fuel Moisture Code
  • fire intensity
  • fire weather index system
  • fuel moisture codes
  • FWI - CFFDRS Fire Weather Index System
  • ISI - CFFDRS Initial Spread Index
  • moisture content
  • ROS - rate of spread
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This publication is the fourth edition of tables for calculating the six standard components of the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System. The first three components are fuel moisture codes that follow daily changes in the moisture contents of three classes of forest fuel; the final three are fire behavior indexes that represent rate of spread, amount of available fuel, and fire intensity. The system provides a uniform method of rating fire danger across Canada.

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Canadian Forestry Service. 1984. Tables for the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index System. Forestry Technical Report 25, 4th edition. Ottawa, ON: Environment Canada, Canadian Forest Service. 48 p.