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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Robert E. Keane II; Gregory K. Dillon; Stacy A. Drury; Robin J. Innes; Penelope Morgan; Duncan C. Lutes; Susan J. Prichard; Jane Kapler Smith; Eva K. Strand
Publication Date: 2014

From the introduction ... 'Announcing the release of new software packages for application in wildland fire science and management, two fields that are already fully saturated with computer technology, may seem a bit too much to many managers. However, there have been some recent releases of new computer programs and revisions of exising software and information tools that deserve mention because they constitute a suite of technology that can be used to effectively integrate fire ecology into fire management.'

Citation: Keane, R. E., G. Dillon, S. Drury, R. Innes, P. Morgan, D. Lutes, S. J. Prichard, J. Smith, and E. Strand. 2014. New and revised fire effects tools for fire management. Fire Management Today, v. 73, no. 3, p. 37-47.

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Alaska    California    Eastern    Great Basin    Hawaii    Northern Rockies    Northwest    Rocky Mountain    Southern    Southwest    National
  • air quality
  • computer programs
  • FEIS
  • fire intensity
  • fire management
  • fire regimes
  • wildfires
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