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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): J. P. Blake; J. B. Hess; W. D. Berry
Publication Date: June 2013

Limited information exists concerning the requirements for brooding bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) chicks to maintain livability and health. Three short-term (14-d) studies were conducted to evaluate brooding temperature requirements on early performance and livability. In experiments 1 and 2, birds were brooded at either 85 or 95ºF (29.4 or 35.0ºC). Birds subjected to the 85 vs. 95ºF brooding temperature exhibited significantly decreased BW gains of 1.84 (P = 0.026) and 1.78 g (P = 0.090) for experiments 1 and 2, respectively, during the 0- to 7-d period. In experiment 1, birds maintained on the 85ºF regimen compensated with a significant (P = 0.002) increase in BW gain compared with birds brooded at 95ºF during the 7- to 14-d period (18.10 vs. 16.83 g, respectively). In experiment 3, bobwhite quail were brooded at 90, 95, or 100ºF (32.2, 35.0, or 37.8ºC). For 0 to 7 d, birds maintained at 95ºF gained 9.65 g/bird compared with those maintained at 90 and 100ºF, which gained 9.11 and 9.10 g/bird, respectively (P = 0.536). During the 7- to 14-d period, birds maintained at 90ºF gained 18.1 g/bird (P = 0.001) compared with 95 and 100ºF, which gained 15.80 and 15.31 g/bird, respectively. Feed consumption for the 7- to 14-d period was greatest (P = 0.066) in the 90ºF versus the 100ºF group (31.28 vs. 26.96 g/bird, respectively), as the 95ºF group remained intermediate (29.15 g/bird). In conclusion, bobwhite quail require a brooding temperature of 90 to 95ºF (32.2-35.0ºC) from 0 to 7 d, followed by a reduction to 85 to 90ºF (29.4-32.2ºC) during the 7- to 14-d period posthatch.

Citation: Blake, J. P., J. B. Hess, and W. D. Berry. 2013. Early brooding temperature considerations for bobwhite quail. Journal of Applied Poultry Research, v. 22, no. 2, p. 329-333.

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