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Type: Journal Article
Author(s): M. Kwart; M. Warthin
Publication Date: 2010

From the Conclusion ... 'Managing naturally ignited wildfires specifically for natural resource benefits allows land managers to maintain the important role of fire across the Alaskan landscape even as they protect values at risk -- whether homes at the wildland-urban interface adjacent to wilderness areas, a remote residence, or a historically significant cultural site within a national park and preserve. Using wildfires as an ecological process will promote fire permeability and will help maintain the character of the landscape while accommodating values and resource use.'

Citation: Kwart, M., and M. Warthin. 2010. Working toward a fire-permeable landscape - managing wildfire for resource benefits in remote, rural, and urban areas of Alaska. Fire Management Today, v. 70, no. 1, p. 40-43.

Cataloging Information

  • boreal forests
  • ecosystem dynamics
  • fire case histories
  • fire management
  • fire suppression
  • land management
  • lightning caused fires
  • tundra
  • wilderness areas
  • wildfires
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