Fireline equipment--power pumps
Document Type: Book
Author(s): D. M. Townsend
Publication Year: 1977

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  • Canada
  • fire equipment
  • firefighting personnel
  • ignition
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The charcteristics and transportation of eleven portable forestry fire pumps and major pump accessories currently used in Canada are described. Weight of each unit and major accessories, and unit dimensions are given. The operating principles of the two-cycle engine, environmental factors affecting engine performance, choice of engine oil, the ignition system, and carburetion are discussed. Causes related to faulty engine performance are listed and sections on centrifugal pumps and factors affecting pump performance are included.

Townsend, D. M. 1977. Fireline equipment--power pumps. Miscellaneous Report FF-Y-5. Ottawa, Ontario, Fisheries and Environment Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Forest Fire Research Institute-Environmental Management Service.