FireWorks for the Sagebrush Ecosystem - M01: Wildland Fire in the Sagebrush Ecosystem
Course Type: FireWorks activities
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Author(s): FireWorks Educational Program
Date Created: 2018

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  • sagebrush ecosystems
  • succession
  • wildfires
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Overview: Students view a narrated photo presentation that shows wildland fire and some of the plants and animals in the sagebrush ecosystem. During the presentation, students record observations about fire behavior. Afterwards, they compare and contrast the kinds of fire they observed, and describe their feelings about wildland fire.

Lesson Goals: Increase students’ understanding that wildland fire is a complicated process and it can sometimes benefit ecosystems


  • Students will sketch different kinds of fire behavior in various wildlands based on a photo presentation.
  • Students will compare and contrast the different kinds of fire behavior in writing.
  • Students will describe their feelings about wildland fire.

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