Wildfires in northern Yellowstone National Park
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): Douglas B. Houston
Publication Year: 1973

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  • fire frequency
  • fire size
  • fire suppression effects
  • plant succession
  • Yellowstone National Park
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A sample of 40 fire-scarred trees was used to reconstruct the frequency and size of fires during the past 300-400 years in northern Yellowstone National Park. Best estimates of frequency suggested mean intervals of about 20-25 years between fires, after adjustments had been made for the recent influence of modern man. Agreement in fire dates over wide areas suggested the occurrence of 8 or 10 extensive fires in the past 300-400 years. Euro-American man has substantially reduced the natural fire frequency for about 80 years and has thus contributed to changes in plant succession.

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Houston, Douglas B. 1973. Wildfires in northern Yellowstone National Park. Ecology 54(5):1111-1117.