Current methods to assess fire danger potential
Document Type: Book Chapter
Author(s): Jesús SanMiguel-Ayanz; J. D. Carlson; Martin E. Alexander; Kevin G. Tolhurst; Gary Morgan; Rick J. Sneeuwjagt; M. Dudfield
Editor(s): Emilio Chuvieco
Publication Year: 2003

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  • fire
  • fire behavior models
  • fire danger
  • remote sensing
  • Russia
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We demonstrate the potential of the C-band ERS SAR to provide a capability for forest mapping with particular regard to forest degradation caused by pollution. ERS SAR images covering the period summer 1993 to summer 1995 for a site around the Severonikel smelter in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia are analysed to determine the features that are visible to a spaceborne C-band radar and the effects of local conditions on the imagery. It is shown that a combination of acquisitions from summer and winter do indeed map areas of forest destruction by pollution and fire and the physical basis for this is highlighted using a combination of knowledge of the in-situ conditions and theoretical modelling.

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San-Miguel-Ayanz, J.; Carlson, J.D.; Alexander, Martin E.; Tolhurst, K.; Morgan, G.; Sneeuwjagt, R.; Dudfield, M. 2003. Current methods to assess fire danger potential. Pages 21-61 In: Chuvieco, E. (Ed.). Wildland Fire Danger Estimation and Mapping - The Role of Remote Sensing Data. Singapore: World Sci. Publish. Co. Pte. Ltd.