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Type: Poster
Author(s): Martin E. Alexander; Nicole M. Vaillant; Miguel G. Cruz
Editor(s): Dale D. Wade; Rebekah L. Fox
Compiler(s): Mikel L. Robinson
Publication Date: 2014

This poster paper presentation provides a summary of the types of information sought from field practitioners regarding the Joint Fire Science Program synthesis project "Crown fire behavior characteristics and prediction in conifer forests: a state-of-knowledge synthesis."

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Citation: Alexander, Martin E.; Vaillant, Micole M.; Cruz, Miguel. 2014. Synthesizing knowledge on crown fire behavior in conifer forests: we could use your help! Pages 251-252. In: Wade, Dale D.; Fox, Rebekah L. (Editors); Robinson, Mikel L. (Compiler). Proceedings of 4th Fire Behavior and Fuels Conference, 18-22 February 2013, Raleigh, NC and 1-4 July 2013, St. Petersburg, Russia. Missoula, MT: International Association of Wildland Fire.

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JFSP Project Number(s):
  • 09-S-03-1
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