Warning signs for fire fighters
Document Type: Journal Article
Author(s): A. A. Brown
Publication Year: 1950

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  • blowup
  • fire hazard
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[Excerpted from text] In 1949, 32 men died as a direct result of forest fires on national forest, State, and private lands. Most of them lost their lives because of extreme fire conditions which resulted in blow-ups. These comments will be confined to these special situations. Probably it is expecting too much to make fire behavior experts of all fire bosses. Nevertheless, we should go as far as we can in the interest of safety and sound fire strategy.

[This publication is referenced in the "Synthesis of knowledge of extreme fire behavior: volume I for fire managers" (Werth et al 2011).]

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Brown, A.A. 1950. Warning signs for fire fighters. Fire Control Notes 11(3):28-29.

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