Alaska Fire Science Consortium - powerpoint
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Author(s): Sarah F. Trainor; Jennifer L. Hrobak
Publication Year: 2010

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  • AFSC - Alaska Fire Science Consortium
  • collaboration
  • fire science
  • information exchange
  • science delivery
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The Alaska Consortium is part of a national effort to improve technology transfer between management and researchers. The goals of the Alaska Consortium are to coordinate current science delivery efforts, create a formal outreach mechanism for two-way communication between fire scientists and diverse fire land managers, provide an organized, centralized arena for effectively delivering available fire science information to fire managers, and to work with fire managers in an on-going forum to ensure tat the science delivery and outreach mechanisms are both practical and readily implemented in the field. The consortium is gearing up for several upcoming events, including the annual workshop.

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Trainor, Sarah F.; Northway, Jennifer. 2010. Alaska Fire Science Consortium - powerpoint. Presented at the JFSP Board, September 1, 2010, Fairbanks, Alaska.