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The videos that are designed, developed, and produced collaboratively by WETC participants are identified as the “World of Wildland Fire” video series with its logo. Each video also has the credits to the university, agency, or NGO which produces it, and to the individuals and team that worked on that video.
The World of Wildland Fire videos are all designed to provide specific material that fits into a larger overall design, peer and user reviewed, and produced at a high quality. They are all available free of charge on the World of Wildland Fire YouTube channel.
The long term intent of the World of Wildland Fire video series is to provide a designed, extensive and up to date series of short wildland fire instructional videos to provide both basic fire science and more advanced wildland fire topics. Videos that are completed and available to date include:
How to Assess the Fire Environment to Anticipate Fire Behavior


Introduction to Wildland Fuel Management


Introduction to the Photoload Sampling Technique


Introduction Fire Ecology


Introduction to Fire Behavior Fuel Models


Introduction to Combustion - 1


Introduction to Combustion - 2


Introduction to Fuels


Introduction to Fire Behavior


Introduction to Live Fuel Moisture


Introduction to Dead Fuel Moisture