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Subject Matter Definition

The Fuel Management Subject Matter/Peer Review Team (Fuel Management Team) will develop and review content related to wildland fuel science and management. This includes the management related science, fuel management techniques and programs, monitoring and assessment and other subject matter directly relating to applied wildland fuel management.

Team Composition

The team is composed of the following individuals.

  • Stephen Fillmore – Cleveland National Forest
  • Wayne Harrison – California State Parks (retired)
  • Jeff Kane – Humboldt State University
  • Daniel O’Connor – San Bernardino National Forest
  • Neil Sugihara – WETC/Northern Arizona University
  • Travis Thane – El Dorado National Forest
  • Robyn Woods – USFS Pacific Southwest Region

Meeting Schedule

Conference call on the last Friday of each month at 10:00 AM

Fuel Science and Management Track Design

This track starts with the completed WETC videos as background and introductory material. The tracks are being actively worked on and will change as they develop.

  • Introduction to Fuels - complete
  • Introduction to Dead Fuel Moisture - complete
  • Introduction to Live Fuel Moisture - complete
  • Fuel Load – script in review
  • Fuel Beds – script in review
  • Introduction to Wildland Fuel Management - complete
  • Photoload Technique - complete
  • Introduction to Fire Behavior Fuel Models - complete
  • Overview of Fuel Treatment Methods (leads to another track)
  • Mechanical Fuel Treatment (leads to another track)
  • Introduction to Prescribed Fire (leads to another track)
  • Managed Wildfire (leads to another track)
  • Fuel Management Combinations, Phasing and Maintenance
  • Managing Fuel on the Wildland Urban Interface (leads to another track)
  • Managing Fuel in Chaparral
  • Managing Fuel in ............
  • Monitoring the Effectiveness of Wildland Fuel Treatments
  • Case studies in Wildland Fuel Management

Current Video Projects

  • Introduction to Fuel Management – Stephen Fillmore lead
  • Fuel Beds – Jeff Kane lead writer
  • Fuel load – Wayne Harrison lead