Our vision is to provide and connect fire science educators, trainers, and the public with scientifically solid and peer-reviewed teaching tools and techniques, using state-of-the-art materials, which will be free and accessible to all. This is done to significantly enhance the learning experience.


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Introduction to Combustion 1 - Learn the basics of combustion through the fire triangle and the three methods of heat transfer. Introduction to Fire Behavior - Learn basic fire behavior terminology, including the parts of the fire, types of fire, and associated fire behavior. Introduction to Fuels - Learn about how fuels are an integral piece of the fire environment triangle and the basic properties of fuels.


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The mission of the Wildland Fire Education and Training Collaborative (WETC) is to develop multiple sources of media, including but not limited to books, videos and classroom exercises, for the purpose of synthesizing the knowledge in fire science and to build as structure from which to move. This will be a joint effort across academia, government institutions and NGOs. Existing media can and will be used in the larger structure and all materials will be peer-reviewed before being released as part of the framework.


We want you to use these video and share them and even help us make more! For more information contact Neil Sugihara.

The World of Wildland Fire is in Association with AFE (Association for Fire Ecology).