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AFSC Letters of Support

If you intend to request a letter of support from AFSC, please contact us as soon as possible.  In order to give your proposal adequate consideration, we must receive your request, including a draft of your proposal, at least 2 weeks prior to your submission deadline.

FRDAC Letters of Support

The FRDAC encourages researchers to consider projects that address topics on the Research Task List. Although no funding is allocated specifically for projects, researchers are encouraged to submit proposals to various funding sources (e.g., Joint Fire Science ProgramNational Science Foundation, etc). Funds may periodically become available through the Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG) or directly through individual agencies.

How do I get a letter of support for my project?

  1. Contact a FRDAC member.
  2. The FRDAC will facilitate matching your idea with an AWFCG Sponsor.
  3. If a Sponsor is found the FRDAC will assign a task Representative.
  4. The Sponsor and Representative will help craft a task statement and the deliverables, and enter the task into the database.
  5. The Representative and Sponsor will write a letter of support on behalf of the AWFCG.

Contact the FDRAC Chair to request a letter of support.

FRDAC encourages you to submit your request earlier if possible