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The AFSC Advisory Board is an interagency group designed to collectively guide and evaluate the activies of the Consortium. This board represents multiple  federal, state, and educational organizations throughout Alaska and the Lower 48.

Board membership also spans a variety of expertise including operations, fire planning, fire weather/meteorology, fuels, fire ecology, and forestry as well as representation from multiple Alaska Wildland Fire Coordinating Group (AWFCG) Committees (Fire Research Development and Applications, Fire Prevention and Education, Fire Operations, Fire Weather, and Fire Modeling and Analysis).

AFSC Operating Guidelines and Governance Charter

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Advisory Board Members

Mike Butteri, AK DOF
Fire Planner

Abe Davis, USFS
R10 Fuels Coordinator

Teresa Hollingsworth, USFS
Research Ecologist

Jennifer Hrobak, BLM-AFS
Fire Management and Program Analyst

Rachel Loehman, USGS
Research Landscape Ecologist

Mary Lynch, BLM-AFS, retired
Planning & Environmental Coordinator

Jennifer McMillan, NPS
Assistant Regional Fire Ecologist

Eric Miller, BLM-AFS
Fire Ecologist

Diana Olson, UI-FRAMES
FRAMES Project Manager

Sue Rodman, ADFG
Program Coordinator


Scott Rupp, UAF
Scenarios Network for Alaska & Arctic Planning

Lisa Saperstein, USFWS
Regional Fire Ecologist

Tom St. Clair, BIA
Fire Management Officer

Heidi Strader, NPS
Fire Weather Program Manager

Graham Worley-Hood, BLM-AFS
Fuels Specialist