Alaska Fire Research Needs

About the Research Needs List

In 2018-2019 the Fire Research Development and Application Committee (FRDAC) overhauled the system handling fire management research needs in Alaska.  Three workshops were held in 2018-2019 to create an improved system surrounding the “Research Task List”.  The new system emphasizes specific tasks, co-production, and meaningful endpoint deliverables.  

System features:

  • Each task is supported by three roles. 
    1. An AWFCG Sponsor
    2. A FRDAC Representative
    3. An Investigator 
  • Tasks now require an AWFCG sponsor.  The sponsor identifies a research need and crafts task statements and deliverables.
  • The system emphasizes “Co-production”.  Early collaboration between the Sponsor and the Investigator in the development of a project ensures that the AWFCG will get a needed and useful product.
  • Tasks have a specific endpoint and deliverables.
  • Tasks are no longer prioritized.  If a task is important enough to assign an AWFCG sponsor, it is important enough to be on the list.
  • Database system. A database  maintains a “living list” of current and completed tasks with links to contacts and end products.

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  • Current Research Tasks
  • Products and Deliverables


Please contact the FRDAC chairperson if you are interested in pursuing research topics on the list. The committee can provide valuable information regarding details about management needs, potential contacts, funding opportunities, and current efforts pertaining to the topic.