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In 1983 the most severe fire in Victorian mountain forests for over forty years killed extensive areas of highly productive eucalypt forest, requiring a large scale timber salvage and forest rehabilitation program. The scheduling of these programs was...

Person: Smith, Woodgate
Year: 1985
Type: Document
Source: TTRS

The proceedings is a collection of papers and posters presented at the Symposium on Effects of Fire Management of Southwestern Natural Resources held in Tucson, Arizona, November 15-17, 1988. Included are papers, poster papers and a comprehensive list...

Person: Krammes
Year: 1990
Type: Document

Detailed airborne measurements of smoke plumes from seven prescribed burns of forest biomass residues leftover from timber harvests in Washington and Oregon are described. Measurements of particle size distributions in the plumes at ~3.3 km downwind of...

Person: Radke, Lyons, Hobbs, Hegg, Sandberg, Ward
Year: 1990
Type: Document
Source: FRAMES